Introducing the New “Know Your Number” Risk Assessment Tool

Basic health risk assessment tools are a fairly standard aspect of most corporate wellness programs. And while these assessments can prove helpful for employers who are looking to gather data on the potential health risks of their staff, they don’t always present a direct benefit to the employees themselves. But the new “Know Your Number” health risk assessment tool is changing that.

Think with us for a moment. Imagine if a simple test existed that could accomplish all of the following goals:

  • Provide companies with detailed analytics on their employees health risks without the need to purchase expensive software or conduct time consuming testing
  • Identify and measure risk for 9 of the most common, costly and modifiable chronic diseases
  • Offer statistical based results that take into account age, gender, ethnicity and even provide peer comparisons
  • Display all results graphically so that employees can literally see their risk level associated with both a numerical value as well as a visual chart
  • Use an evidence-based analytics methodology to generate a powerful tool for employee education
  • Combine the HRA experience with a more comprehensive approach to focus on modifiable risks

Introducing the “Know Your Number” Health Risk Assessment Tool

Here at Wellworks For You, we’re proud to announce that the new “Know Your Number” assessment can indeed fulfill all of the above-mentioned goals…and more! In addition to analyzing risk for CHD, Diabetes, Stroke, CHF, Lung Cancer, Breast Cancer, Colon Cancer and Prostate Cancer, the assessment also takes the process one step further. By graphing the results for each disease and focusing on modifiable risk factors, the Know Your Number risk assessment tool provides the perfect avenue for a company to take their employees from a simple health assessment to full, active participation in their own health improvement.

KYN assessment


The new HRA model is unique because it is focused not only on disease management, but on overall wellness. After an employee receives their Know Your Number results, there is a greater possibility that they will be moved to action because of the visual representation of their risk. The impact of the graphs makes this process more effective than the traditional HRA process. In fact, the incorporation of health coaches into the wellness program following this assessment tends to be a natural and effective mechanism for moving employees towards action.

A health coach can take the Know Your Number results of an employee and work with them on a one-on-one basis to address the modifiable behaviors that can lead to a healthier lifestyle and lessen the risk of disease. Further education, goal setting and lifestyle coaching can occur naturally from this point. What better way to build upon your wellness program than to begin with the Know Your Number health risk assessment tool? This amazing new approach to risk analysis will prove beneficial to both employer and employee!