Keep Moving all Winter Long With These Indoor Cardio Workout Ideas

For some people, cold weather means a temporary end to playing their favorite outdoor sports or taking their morning run. Unless they are committed to getting to the gym, cardio workouts are simply something that won’t happen for most people during winter time. But obviously, ccardio workout ideasardio is still an important part of any exercise routine and should be incorporated regardless of the weather! For some motivation and inspiration to keep moving all through the next several months of cold, check out the ideas below!

Keep Moving all Winter Long With These Indoor Cardio Workout Ideas

Remember: No matter how intense your cardio workout could end up becoming, always be sure to warm up first!

  • Lunges- After several at a slow to moderate pace, speed up and include lifting your arms every time you lunge to increase intensity.

  • Squats- Bending at your knees, lift your hand above your head and then slowly push off your feet to come to a standing position. After several at a moderate pace, increase speed and intensity (also great transition into jump roping or burpees).

  • Mountain Climbers- while in a plank (push up) position, lift one foot and bend knee in towards the chest. Alternate legs, gradually increasing in speed.

To keep things interesting, try mixing and matching these exercises in different series and speeds. These types of exercises can make up the more intense section of your cardio workout:

  • Jumping Jacks

  • Running in Place

  • Knee Lifts

  • Heel to Rear Touches

  • Kick Boxing Moves (like high kicks, jabs and punches)

  • Skier Jumps (jumping with feet together from side to side)

Giving your body a chance to cool down is also important. Spend a few minutes after the bulk of the workout trying out a few of these ideas:

  • Stretch thoroughly

  • Move through several relaxed yoga poses (some examples are: downward facing dog, cat and cow, cobra, thunderbolt and spinal, seated twist)

  • Sit or lay on your back and simply focus on your breath

We hope that at least some of these ideas can be useful for your next indoor cardio workout. No matter what you choose to do, just remember to keep moving all winter long! Staying in shape is not only great for your physical body, but is a key factor in maintaining balanced emotions and mental health as well.