How a Simple Health Risk Assessment Questionnaire Can Save Lives

health risk assessment question2Most people usually wait to go to the doctor until they have a problem that needs to be addressed. And many people don’t go to the doctor immediately, but rather wait until their pain or issues forces them to find some kind of resolution. Unfortunately, this can often lead to a longer course of treatment or a more serious issue than if the person had gone to see a medical professional regularly, or at least at the first sign of an issue. For those who try to avoid the doctor or simply aren’t generally attentive to their own health needs, taking health risk assessment questionnaires is a simple way to discover potential problems. These surveys can assist you in realizing a potential medical issue that has previously gone unnoticed and in reality, can actually help to save lives in the process.

How Simple Health Risk Assessment Questionnaire Can Save Lives:

…By Asking a Few Simple Questions

Health risk assessment questionnaires consist of a list of questions designed to evaluate your potential health risks and general quality of life. It is a systematic approach to gathering pertinent information about you and the state of your health. The results provide education, promote your health, prevent disease and sickness and ensure your long-term ability to sustain daily activity. Usually the questions will ask you about your age and gender, relevant family history, lifestyle and habits, personal medical history, weight, height, cholesterol level and more. The purpose of a health risk assessment questionnaire is to determine your current health status, discover any potential health risks, and then to identify any needed lifestyle changes.

health risk assessment question

…By Identifying Potential Risks

Extensive research has proven that health risk assessment questionnaires are very effective at identifying health risks and predicting any potentially necessary medical care. They are also known to have a positive effect on behavior changes and seem to prompt a concern for personal health in the individuals who take them. Studying your family history may lead to a discovery that you are at risk for diabetes, breast cancer, or mental illness. Diseases are often genetic, so it is important to consider your family tree in relation to your medical needs and care. If you are overweight, filling out one of these assessments could pinpoint the cause of your weight gain. Perhaps you have an issue with your metabolism or you have an underactive thyroid. Many often ignored medical problems have a treatable underlying issue.

…By Educating and Problem Solving

Most people do not take the time to sit down and think about their current health or their family history. It is ashame to wait until it is too late and you are already dealing with a serious health issue. Filling out a health risk assessment questionnaire can help educate you on your own health, as well as prompt you towards a healthier lifestyle. Realizing your risks can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Taking personal responsibility for your health will always lead to a more positive outlook on life. Once any potential risks have been identified, you can seek medical counsel for possible solutions. If you realize you may be at risk for diabetes, your doctor can help you balance a healthy diet with any medications needed. Health risk assessment questionnaires often identify problems early on, which will allow you to seek medical treatment as soon as possible and avoid complications down the road. These assessments never take the place of a doctor’s official counsel, but they can help point you in the right direction. Always consult with a medical doctor before attempting any major lifestyle or diet changes.