Looking for Biometric Screening Companies for Your Corporate Wellness Program?

For corporations just beginning a wellness program, there is no better way to get started than with a company-wide biometric screening day. There are many biometric screening companiesthat your corporation could choose to work with. At Wellworks For You, we like to emphasize the importance of integrating the pieces of a wellness program with one another, which is why we ourselves are a top provider of workplace screening services. We have been working in the wellness management industry for years and our vast network of medical connections and experienced vendors allow us to offer you the very best when it comes to organizing biometric screenings for your staff. In addition, we also offer a wide range of additional services for your corporate wellness program, so whether you just started one or you need some fresh new ideas and activities to implement, we invite you to give us a call today!

Why Biometric Screening Companies Play an Important Role in Effective Wellness Programs

Develop a Research-Based Program

Health researchWe know that when wellness program results can all be assessed in one, easy to access location (like an online portal), participants will be more likely to make use of the beneficial information they receive throughout the programs. This rule is no different when it comes to screenings and health assessments. Good biometric screening companies will provide your business with an easy way to access testing results so that you can seamlessly tie that information into the decisions you make concerning the rest of your wellness program. Wellworks For you is a company that is committed to offering you superior testing and accurate results – all in an easy to access manner. Our secure online portal gives employers quick access to this vital information and provides employees with individual access to their own results as well as their overall progress throughout the wellness program.

Get the Insight You Need

Conducting biometric screenings in your workplace is one effective way of collecting valuable information that will help you determine the appropriate course for your corporate wellness program. To know what activities and areas the wellness program should focus on and provide, there needs to be some general knowledge about your employees’ current health status and risk areas.

Hire Help from a Professional Wellness Company

professional wellness coBiometric screening companies help provide corporations with that knowledge by testing employees for several different key health indicators. On your screening day, professional medical staff will come right to your workplace and conduct biometric health screenings including: cholesterol and glucose testing, height, weight, body mass index measurements, bone density screenings, blood pressure checks, pulmonary function testing, waist circumference readings, body fat testing and more. Your company can decide when you’d like the screenings done and Wellworks For You will do all the rest – from organizing the necessary vendors to providing the easily-accessible results you need.