What is a Biometric Screening & Should My Employees Have One?


What is a Biometric Screening?

As part of a comprehensive wellness initiative, many companies are choosing to offer their employees biometric screenings to assess a variety of potential health concerns. But what is a biometric screening? It is a simple analysis and blood test that can be used to measure cholesterol, blood pressure, triglycerides and more. Employers are not able to administer these tests directly due to HIPAA laws, but by hiring an experienced wellness company like Wellworks for You to manage the screening process, employers and employees can both benefit from what biometric screenings have to offer.

What Are the Benefits?

Now that we’ve answered the question, “what is a biometric screening,” it is important to discuss why your company should implement this particular wellness program. There are several key reasons that prove beneficial to all parties involved.

1. Health Education: Employees who have never before considered the implications of major health concerns will be exposed to and educated about their risk areas. Simply attending the describe the imagebiometric screening will offer staff the opportunity to interact with health professionals and gain insight into why their body may be at risk for certain health concerns. But the real education comes in the follow up.

2. Helpful Follow Up: When results come back, employees will have the facts about where they are doing well and where they may be falling short in terms of ideal health. Having a personalized report like this can be very motivating and can be a great time for employers to take advantage of employees’ new found motivation for changing unhealthy behaviors. Often, companies will pair a biometric screening offering with the option for employees to have access to a health coach to walk them through results and help them to make the necessary lifestyle changes to pursue a healthier future.

3. Savings for Your Company: Many corporations are finding that simple biometric screenings are becoming one of the most productive and financially beneficial aspects of their wellness programs. Offering this service tells employees that you are prioritizing their health and personal well-being. Not only are staff members more educated and more likely to make healthy choices (which can result in savings in health care related costs for your company), but they are also more likely to feel connected to your company and to want (and to be physically able) to be more productive.

If you’ve been wondering what is a biometric screening and were wondering whether implementing this service at your workplace could be helpful, we hope this article has offered you some guidance. For more information on health screenings and other wellness program options, contact Wellworks for You today!