Popular & Creative Health Fair Themes for the Workplace

Spring has arrived and many people are beginning to think about their health and fitness goals for the season. Perhaps your company is looking for a fresh and exciting way to take advantage of this opportunity to do some health education while your employees are already feeling motivated. As a wellness company that has spent years in the business of helping corporations health fair themesrun various health and wellness programs, we can confidently say that running regular health fairs at your workplace is one of the most effective strategies a company can implement.

You may be thinking that hosting a health fair would sound like a great idea if it didn’t require so much time and effort to plan. That’s where Wellworks for You comes in, takes the lead on all planning and management and allows your company to have your very own, customized health fair with little to no planning necessary on your end. Let us handle the planning – including the vendors – and you focus on promoting to your staff and their families (if you choose to invite families). Of course, in the planning process, we will consult with you regularly to ensure that you have the decision making power concerning what your fair will look like and how it will run. Then we’ll take care of the details!

One such decision involves the naming of the event as well as choosing a theme, should you want to focus on a specific topic or idea. Not every fair needs to have a theme, but health fair themes do serve several purposes.

  • Health fair themes can help to make the event more marketable.

  • Health fair themes can help to narrow the focus of the event.

  • Health fair themes can help employees connect with specific aspects of their health.

When choosing a theme, consider who your target audience will be. It is important to know some basics about the demographics of your employees and Wellworks for You can help you with this process. In fact, if you have not had your employees fill out basic health assessments prior to hosting a health fair, it may be a good idea to do so. Once you have information about which health concerns are more pertinent to your group, you can make quality, informed decisions about what kind of a fair to put on.

A Few Ideas for Possible Health Fair Themes

1) Connecting in the Community:

Invite only local vendors that can offer continued services close by and focus education on ways that employees can take advantage of local resources.

2) Family-Focused Health:

Include education and health activities/services that would interest attendees of all ages and promote the event as a fun family outing.

3) Move Towards a Better Future:

Ask vendors to include something interactive at each of their stations and incorporate small-scale wellness challenges into the event itself. Focus on taking action!

4) Countdown Til Summer:

This could be a creative way to focus on weight loss as an overarching health topic as people are thinking about the approaching bathing suit weather!

Whether you choose a theme from this list above or create a committee to come up with one of your own, Wellworks for You is here to take your ideas and create the action plan to make your event a reality and a success!