Introducing the Easiest Workplace Pedometer Program for Your Business

If your company isn’t already implementing a pedometer walking program for your employees, it is one of the easiest and most efficient wellness programs that we can recommend. We’ve seen this program work at hundreds of corporate locations like yours and we believe that you’ll have a great experience with our pedometer program too! Let us tell you why.

workplace pedometer programIntroducing The Ultimate Workplace Pedometer Program

Our program isn’t just any old walking program. In fact, it’s been cutting-edge for years and it just got even better. What are we talking about? We’re glad you asked!

Using Technology to Motivate & Engage

You’ve probably noticed that most people spend a significant time at their computer and on their phones. Our attachment to technology is simply a fact of life. In some cases, this can lead to a lack of healthy activity as people are more interested in browsing the web and playing games on their phone than they are in exercising. But with the Wellworks for You custom web portal, your company’s workplace pedometer program can be used and tracked entirely online! This engagement with technology – for the purpose of exercise – is the perfect combination to get employees involved and keep them engaged. When they log into their portal to plan a mapped out route for their weekend walk or to track their total steps for the past week, they’re visual involvement with the program becomes a key aspect in participation and retention.

Making it Even Better

Not only does Wellworks for You offer the customized software to allow your employees access to their own wellness portal online, but now we have a Wellworks for You smartphone app that gives individuals all of the same great access to their pedometer program! And for those employees who do have smart phones, their phone itself can now serve as the actual pedometer too! No more need to carry around an extra device (don’t worry…pedometers do come free with this program, though, for anyone who does not have a smartphone and will still need an actual pedometer). Your workplace pedometer program just got even easier!

How to Use Your Phone as a Pedometer

  • Download our app from the app store (iphone) or the play store (android)

  • Login to your own wellness portal through the app

  • Click pedometer > use pedometer to start the phone’s sensitivity tracking

  • Click “start” when you begin to walk

  • Click “upload steps” when your walk is complete for automatic data processing and complete tracking right through your app