(Video) 5 of the Best Health & Wellness Trends of 2016

To know what progress we as a society make toward better health and wellness in 2016, you must remember these 5 trends. We’re almost finished with the first quarter of 2017. But before 2016 vanishes entirely from our rear view mirror, we wanted to take a quick look back at some of last year’s best…

(Video) Walk It Off: Walking for Health Benefits

There are numerous unique health benefits of walking, and Wellworks For You can help you to make the most of them with fun, effective pedometer programs that produce real results. Remember in elementary school when your class was split between “bus kids” and “walkers”–those who rode the bus to school and those who walked? There…

(Video) It’s Not You….It’s Winter Blues

Find out the real reason you’ve been feeling down. You haven’t been feeling yourself for a while now. You aren’t quite sure when it began, and maybe it seems like it has always been this way, but way back in the recesses of your memory you think that there was a time when things felt…better….

Wellworks For You Launches Newly Designed Smartphone App

Wellworks For You Launches a New Health Risk Assessment, Health Coaching Appointment System, and Newly Designed Smartphone App WEST CHESTER, PA – March 23, 2017 “Wellworks For You has added new enhancements and products to their already plentiful wellness program offerings. These updates include a new health risk assessment, health coaching appointment system, and newly…

What Kind Of Wellness Programs Should You Offer Your Workers?

Ready to join the growing number of companies offering employee wellness programs, but aren’t sure where to start? Here’s a quick-start guide to what’s working in corporate wellness. “Everybody’s doing it!” is far from the best business case for any corporate initiative. But when it comes to corporate wellness programs, it’s close to the truth—and…

Wellness Just Got a Whole Lot Easier – and Customizable!

We live in a world of customization – why should your wellness program be any different? When it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle – we can use all the help we can get, right? Having a ready supply of wellness resources at our disposal can make the difference between meeting our fitness goals and…

5 Unusual (But Helpful) Tips to Quit Smoking

Try something different to quit smoking. If you are thinking about quitting or have tried to quit before, then you probably know the standard tips and tricks for how to quit smoking. But the same things don’t always work for everyone, so you may want to try some of these more unusual approaches to fighting…

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