Five Features of a Money-Saving, Successful Employee Health Program

The types of wellness programs implemented by businesses over the last decade have exploded. Why? According to a recent article, upwards of $225 billion is spent per year in employee-related illnesses and injuries—that’s $1,685 per employee. In addition to cost savings, a successful employee health program can also help improve the overall wellness and morale…

Five Steps for Spring Fitness Success

Keep Yourself Feeling Spry and Fly—Five Spring Fitness Tips to Try When spring has sprung, you’ll naturally want your exercise regimen to be fun. After all, everything is blooming and the sun is (sometimes slowly) making its way through residual winter weather. To keep your spirits and heart rate up, set your spring fitness regimen…

Your Goldilocks Guide to Outdoor Workouts

Get Ready to Bear Down and Get Fit with Easy, Yet Challenging Outdoor Workouts No matter where you reside, there’s always a Goldilocks time of year primed for outdoor workouts—not too hot, not too cold—just right! And, in addition to enjoying perfect weather, exercising in the great outdoors comes with several added benefits. While being…

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