Top 5 Benefits of a Customizable, Scalable Wellness Portal

Wellness Portal? It may sound like a science fiction reference to describe an access point to another world.

In a way, it is: a wellness portal can be an avenue toward a new realm of better, more convenient, and customizable workplace health and wellness. At Wellworks For You, we designed a fully integrative Wellness Portal that serves as a centralized hub for your corporate wellness program. Here, you can keep track of a variety of activities and resources incorporated within a wellness program. An interactive wellness portal is a perfect opportunity to increase workplace wellness program participation, promote organization, bolster accountability, and much more.

5 Advantages of Having a Workplace Wellness Portal

Once the momentum of a wellness program has begun, it is only logical to have a wellness website in place to organize and sustain momentum. There are many benefits to having a scalable wellness portal for your company, but let’s focus on five key advantages:

  1. Increased Efficiency – Implementing a corporate wellness portal makes organizing the various aspects of a workplace wellness program an easy process. Information can be more effectively communicated all in one place, helping to ensure the staff will all be on the same page. It’s also a gathering place to provide information on upcoming events, opportunities, and announcements. Gone are the days of inner-office newsletters and paper flyers floating around for a week before they get thrown out. Everything can be posted in the portal and viewed immediately on the web.
  2. Easy Access – A company wellness website is easy to access. Employees won’t have to search their inbox for the latest email. Everything they need to know is in a secure, but easily accessible online website. When a wellness program is accessible, people are more likely to appreciate and take advantage of the health resources available. Since employees are naturally likely to spend the majority of time on a computer, it will be a natural extension of their work to check out the wellness portal on a daily or weekly basis.
  3. Information Security – Since a wellness program incorporates medical history and other sensitive information, employees need to know that their privacy is being respected. Our employee wellness portal provides a secure login and password for each individual. Personal information is just that, so the wellness website creates a safe and secure place to store and view private details related to individual health and goals. Each employee’s information, as well as their results, is kept completely confidential. Employers can access only non-confidential data necessary for planning and tracking purposes, so employees can rest assured that their personal information is secure.
  4. Less Waste – A wellness program teaches individuals to care about the health of their bodies. In keeping with responsible thinking, why not also encourage a workplace culture that honors environmental integrity? An online wellness web portal provides a convenient place to go for necessary information without wasting unnecessary paper copies. No more paper flyers, newsletters, brochures or announcements that eventually end up in the trash. There is also less wasted time when a wellness portal is utilized. Employees can login and find what they need at a glance.
  5. Increased Participation – As a result of easy access, privacy, and supporting a community that encourages health and wellness, a wellness portal can be an advantageous tool to encourage and increase participation and engagement for your corporate wellness program. Health coaching, wellness challenges, fitness and nutrition information, and many more resources are available through the Wellworks For You online wellness portal.

Increased Health and Wellness in the Workplace Today!

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