3 Reasons to Host a Corporate Lunch and Learn

Hosting a corporate lunch and learn is easy with help from Wellworks For You.

We will take care of all the planning, provide quality resources, and ensure that the event runs smoothly. A lunch and learn presentation can be a great opportunity to reach a wider number of employees and to encourage involvement in the workplace wellness program. Lunch and learn events are short, mini seminars that take place onsite during the lunch hour. These events provide abundant information on a range of health-related topics from fitness and nutrition to stress management and much more.

3 Reasons to Host a Corporate Lunch and Learn

In addition to increasing participation in a company wellness program, lunch and learn ideas for health and wellness are tools to empower employees to practice healthy habits in the workplace and beyond. The more corporate lunch and learn topics a business provides for employees, the more resources they have to not only become more involved in workplace wellness, but to also maintain healthy habits and lifestyles.

Here are 3 easy and fun corporate lunch and learn ideas to try in your workplace:

1. Easy Access to Quick Information

corporate lunch learnA corporate lunch and learn can be conveniently hosted onsite. This allows employees an opportunity to participate in a wellness program activity while at work. Work schedules will not have to be disrupted by traveling and no one will feel put upon by having to pay for food or extra services. Be sure to clearly communicate/advertise the time and place of the free, informative session and encourage your previously engaged employees to discuss the event around the office to get the word out.

2. Practical and Topical Information

When Wellworks For You plans a corporate lunch and learn for employees, we make sure to maximize the time allotted, by providing succinct, applicable, and wellness-related information. Presenting the latest information through a qualified, expert source adds more professionalism to the event. Employees will appreciate hearing about relevant wellness issues ranging from the latest fitness trends to the newest healthy recipes and meals.

3. An Interactive Environment

Depending on the goals of your lunch and learn event, Wellworks For You will customize the experience for your employees. One way we can accomplish this is by allowing a portion of time for questions and answers with the speaker. Depending on the topic and desired outcomes of the event, other forms of group work and interaction may be appropriate. Wellworks For You will help you determine the format that works best with your corporate culture and employees’ needs.

Sharing Lunch and Learn Info Beyond the Workplace

A corporate lunch and learn event is a terrific way to encourage your employees, to gather information on health topics, and to share stories of wellness progress and success with each other. For more information about planning your next event, contact us today at 800-425-4657. We look forward to working with you!