(Video) 3 Easy and Healthy Lunch Recipes You Can Make In Advance

These easy and healthy lunch recipes make your life simpler and your body happier.

Summertime fun is in full swing! School is out, the pools are open, the grill is dusted off and ready to go. Summer tends to be jam-packed with exciting plans and activities. From beach vacations and summer sports, to backyard barbecues and weekend road trips, the summer season tends to be wonderfully hectic–and sometimes a little stressful.

It’s also during the summer months that we tend to wish we exercised a little more and maybe ate a little healthier too. But with all the business of summer, it can be hard to make time to prepare healthy meals–and so a Mickey D’s burger enroute to swim lessons has to suffice.



That doesn’t have to be the case! If you keep easy and healthy lunch recipes on hand, you can make those meals in advance and be prepared. With these three easy low calorie lunch recipes, we invite you to enjoy the hustle and bustle of summer while making healthy choices and feeling your best.

3 Simple and Healthy Lunch Recipes to Make Life Easier

Try making these easy healthy recipes in advance and have them portioned out so when you need to grab something quick, it is right there waiting.

  1.  Chicken and Arugula Pasta Salad
    Hearty salads are a great option for easy and healthy lunch recipes for work. Make extra to divide into containers, and you can have lunch for a few days. This chicken arugula salad is
    summery, refreshing, and sure to satisfy.
  2.  Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad Wrapshutterstock_29746510.jpg
    Wraps are a great meal on the go. Substantial but contained, you can grab this wrap without even
    slowing down. Enjoy this seemingly indulgent, but actually
    healthy, lunch wrap recipe on a day when you feel like you need an extra boost. Make extra filling while you’re at it to keep on hand for a second wrap a day or two later!
  3.  Herbed Cheese and Tomato Sandwich
    Easy healthy sandwich recipes can be thrown together in just a few minutes, and this one is both simple and delicious with low-fat protein from the cottage cheese and healthy fats from the avocado.

Don’t let the excitement or stress of your busy summer schedule keep you from feeling your best. Try these awesome, easy, and healthy lunch recipes to keep you healthy and happy all summer long. For more ideas on living well, check out Wellworks For You for inspiration and encouragement.