Keep Your Employees Healthy and Happy!

So you’ve made the conscious decision to make your health a priority, and you’re even utilizing the wellness incentives your company provides. High five! Are you taking advantage of everything the wellness program offers?  If you’re attempting to stay on track with the wellness program, but you feel like you need just a little more guidance – Wellworks For Your can provide you with the best health coaching programs.

best health coaching programsWhen you hear the word coach it might take you back to your highschool days of a man brandishing a whistle and screaming, “Drop and give me 20!”  That’s not exactly what our health and wellness coaches are trained to do. However, if you do find yourself needing some tough love, they can handle that too.

The best health coaching programs provide you with a comprehensive view of a healthy lifestyle.  They don’t just focus on weight loss or better nutrition, but on an overall improvement of your well being.  When employees take advantage of health coaching, they are more likely to have a higher success rate when making behavior and lifestyle changes.  

How Our Best Health Coaching Programs Work For You

Collecting Data – In order for our health coaches to facilitate change for your employees we gather the appropriate health information to gauge where they are in their journey to health. Once all of the information is gathered then our coaches are able to assist the employee with their health goals.

One-on-One Time – You and your employees will receive one-on-one time with our health coaches on the phone or online.  The Institute of Healthcare Consumerism says, that the use of positive psychology makes “Employees feel empowered when they can identify and leverage their strengths to change behavior and achieve goals.”   Providing health coaches to your employees gives them the positive reinforcement that they need to overcome health obstacles they are experiencing. Our health coaches will be able to asses the information collected, and then discuss the avenue of change employees want to approach.  Some of the most popular coaching programs are:

  • Stress Management

  • Exercise and Fitness

  • Smoking Cessation

  • Weight Management

  • Nutrition

Coach’s CornerWellworks For You has streamlined the efforts for coaches to ensure the health and wellness success of your employees with your new back office system.  This organizes and tracks ALL the information to give the health coaches a central location to gauge progress of employees, remind coaches when to make calls, access to employees data, and goal setting tools for both coach and employee.

If you already have a wellness program in your workplace, but notice your employees aren’t actively participating, consider connecting your employees with a health coach. Providing added benefits for your employees also provides added benefits to your workplace. With a health coach, it can lower healthcare costs, reduce absenteeism, and lower workmens compensation premiums.  To speak with a health and wellness consultant today call us at 800.425.4657.

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