These workplace healthy habits are easy to start and can have a big impact

According to the a Gallup poll, only 1 in 7 employees are within a normal weight range with no chronic conditions – averaging about .34 unhealthy days per month. Another poll reports more than 30% of the people who were obese with at least 2 chronic conditions missed an average of 1.08 workdays per month. This adds up to $32 billion in lost productivity nationwide.

Workplace Healthy HabitsIf you currently own a business, are you actively looking for ways to create workplace healthy habits within your company? If so, Wellworks For You has the answers you’re looking for with our 5 ways to create workplace healthy habits for your employees.

Workplace Healthy Habits That Will Change Your Productivity

With these healthy lifestyle habits, you can encourage your employees to utilize these strategies not only at work, but at home as well.

  1. Exercise

    It may sound cliche, but exercise is one of the most important aspects of living a happy, healthy life. Encourage your employees to take walks on their breaks, take the stairs instead of the elevator, or park in the back of the parking lot instead of the front. Here at Wellworks For You, we provide Wellness Challenges for you to implement with your employees, along with the utilization of a pedometer.

  2. Healthy Eating Habits

    As important as exercising is to integrate into one’s lifestyle – healthy eating is just as important. Encourage your employees to exchange healthy lunch ideas or provide Lunch and Learns and treat your employees to a healthy at-work meal while they learn important information from a wellness expert.

  3. Drink Lots of Water

    Drinking about 2 liters of water a day is the recommended consumption. Did you know that two-thirds of your body consists of water? It is important to stay hydrated throughout your day to keep your body functioning at its most efficient capacity. Keep your employees hydrated by providing water coolers around the office or encouraging the use of water bottles.

  4. Create a Pleasant Working Environment

    Look for ways to lighten up your employees workspaces and pursue a friendly, welcoming facility. Be sure the areas in your facility or office stay clean and tidy. Allow your employees to decorate their workspace in a way that helps make them feel comfortable. This will allow creativity to flow and boost your employees overall environmental satisfaction.

  5. Sleep Well

    No, not at work. Although, if an employee needs a nap during their breaks, think about letting them be. Experts recommend about 6-8 hours of sleep each night. If your employees aren’t getting the sleep that they need, they may not be working to their full potential for you.

Wellworks For You is happy to bring you some easy-to-integrate workplace healthy habits that your employees will love. If you would like more information on how Wellworks For You can encourage overall corporate wellness, contact us today. We would love to hear from you.

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