Corporate Wellness is not a band-aid, let Wellworks For You give you tools to use for life.

Have you ever experienced a trend in absenteeism in your company? Perhaps the discouragement of the morale and health of your employees is weighing on your shoulders. These are 2 simple signs that your company is in desperate need of a team wellness challenge.

Wellworks For You is a Pennsylvania-based company that provides wellness to other companies of all shapes and sizes. We work to create healthy minds and healthy hearts in employees to keep your company thriving in a successful work environment.

team wellness challengeAccording to Forbes, companies are taking corporate wellness more seriously now, but with programs that fail because these companies are not equipped with experience and have no game-plan for success. This is where Wellworks For You steps in with our expertise. Let’s get started on what your company may be missing out on.

Your Employees Need a Team Wellness Challenge

What makes us so sure that your company needs a team wellness challenge? First off, let’s take a look at why your company needs wellness programs in general.

  1. Create A Level Of Awareness. There are many people who are already aware of their need for health and wellness, but when they clock-in to their nine to five, they forget about it. This is where you step in to keep their minds and body refreshed and healthy, bringing corporate wellness into their everyday life.

  2. Help Prevent Chronic Disease. According to the CDC, many chronic diseases account for 75% of total healthcare costs. Most of these chronic diseases are preventable, including heart disease, obesity, stroke and cancer. A sure way to prevent disease with an action to stop the progression. A wellness program will provide mental, physical, emotional and social support through consistent education and layers of accountability.

  3. Bring Creativity To The Table. Nobody wants to make a lifechange by reading a brochure and checking off a boring list. This is where a Wellworks For You Team Wellness Challenge comes in (along with our other programs).

So your next question may be, what is a team wellness challenge? Imagine a virtual tour through Europe, Canada or the US? A team wellness challenge is a motivating and accountable program that takes you out of your office chair and stepping your way to a healthier life, either side by side with co-workers, or competing against them. Wellworks For You also offers incentive programs to tie into your wellness challenges to keep your employees driven and motivated.

So what are you waiting for? Give Wellworks For You a call today at 800-425-4657 and get your employees healthy with a team wellness challenge.