Wellworks For You can help you to avoid these common mistakes and ensure that your summer fitness challenge is a great success.

Are you thinking about starting a summer fitness challenge?  If so, don’t spend another minute planning until you’ve read this blog.  At Wellworks For You, we’ve seen the best and worst of corporate wellness challenges, and we know what it takes to create an engaging program that will succeed… and which mistakes will consistently cause it to fail.  To help you coordinate a summer fitness challenge that is designed for success, we’ve rounded up the top 3 worst mistakes you can make when planning your summer challenge.  Avoid these, and you’ll be in good shape moving forward.summer fitness challenge

  1. The “Wellness Is Its Own Reward” Mistake.  Is wellness its own reward?  Absolutely.  Will that motivate your employees to make positive changes or participate in your fitness challenge?  Probably not.  To really get employees excited and motivated to get involved, you need to be offering the right incentives at the right times.  A program that rewards participants for reaching goals is going to be the most engaging set up.  

  1. The “6 Week Shortcut” Mistake.  It isn’t just corporate wellness challenges that fall into this trap– it’s almost everything you see in the media about fitness.  One month diets and 6 week fitness challenges aren’t bad on their own… but they become problematic when they set up the expectation that the goal of wellness will be achieved after that period of time.  Not only can this lead to disappointment when participants do not experience a total transformation in such a short period of time, but it also establishes an endpoint to health habits, instead of fostering better lifestyle decisions for the long term.

  1. The “One Size Fits All” Mistake. Although company wide, group challenges can be fun and inspiring for a large percentage of your workforce, the reality is that these one-size-fits-all style challenges do not adequately address the different needs and styles of the whole group.  Many people see health as a much more private, personal issue and may prefer an individualized program where they can be rewarded for making progress on their own terms– no loud competition required. Offering personalized options also ensures that you are addressing the full range of fitness needs in your workplace, which can vary more than you may think.       

Share Your Summer Fitness Challenge Stories

What else can go wrong in a summer fitness challenge at work?  What are some of your tips for success?  Share your stories and ideas with us in the comments section below!