You will be surprised by the corporate wellness trends/tips that work for a successful wellness program.

corporate wellness trendsCorporate wellness trends are a new phenomenon within companies of all sizes as employers seek new ways to prevent high medical costs.

Businesses are offering wellness programs to the workplace to create a more enticing employment package and improve the overall professional experience within their company. Incentives are often used in order to encourage employee awareness and participation in the wellness activities.

The pursuit of innovative strategies to maintain employee engagement and interest has become more important than ever. Here are 5 corporate wellness trends/tips shaping the industry:

1.   Program Accessibility. Americans are increasingly health conscious, but how to move this awareness into action? Stress, long workdays, and constant multitasking means people are less likely to have the extra motivation to go to a gym after their day is done. Bringing wellness activities on-site makes it easier for people to meet their fitness goals and not lose too much time while doing it!

2.   Be Creative. Sometimes it’s hard to exercise if it’s boring, so think about unique ways to present fitness (and other) challenges to employees! Incentivize participation by making all programs free and consider offering rewards for team challenges. Wellness activities should build the camaraderie of the company, making for an overall better company culture. Follow the latest corporate wellness trends for new ideas!

3.      Prevention is key. According to the CDC, 75% of total healthcare costs in the US are from chronic disease, the majority of which are preventable! These diseases include stroke, cancer, obesity, and heart disease. These can’t be prevented overnight, but require years of regular activity and healthy dietary choices. Thus, education should be an important part of your programming.

4.      Rethink Office Environment. Some companies have gone so far as to integrate physical fitness into the work activities of their employees through innovative office design. For example, you can supply standing desk options, a ball instead of a chair at desks, ergonomic keyboards and telephone sets, and pedometers. There are many other small adjustments you can make in addition to this, including changing vending machine choices to provide healthy snacks.

5.      Corporate Wellness Programming is Complex. Not just anyone can implement a corporate wellness program and encounter success. These are complex structures that blend preventative testing, education, fitness activities, workplace adaptations, and incentives in order to maximize employee participation for better overall health.

Because continuing new habits isn’t easy, wellness programs must ultimately become integrated into the company culture in order to succeed. It’s worth the effort, though—just ask any employee who has lost weight, stopped smoking, or simply avoided much higher healthcare costs because of this added benefit.

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