Did you know about these 4 foods for heart health?

Which are the “healthy” foods? There’s a wealth of information out there regarding which foods you should eat, and which to avoid. But we’d like to address the people interested in seeking out foods that are packed in nutritive value to combat cardiovascular problems.  Heart disease still constitutes the #1 killer of Americans, despite that deaths due to heart disease have dropped recently.

The research is clear that altering your living and eating habits can halt and even reverse the progress of your disease. Exercising, not smoking, decreasing your stress, and healthy eating are all ways to improve your health.  And making changes in eating styles can have the most impact! You’ll see then that it’s worth the effort you could put into eating foods for heart health.Check out these top foods for heart health.foods for heart health


Blueberries are one of the most powerful disease fighters you can find. They are a super-antioxidant food, containing anthocyanins which are responsible for their blue color. Packed with vitamin C and fiber, blueberries are a go-to for heart health.


You’ve probably heard it and it’s true: fish are just plain good for so many aspects of your health. With heart health, it’s no different. Salmon is one of our top foods for heart health primarily because of its omega-3 fatty acids content. The American Heart Association counsels you to eat salmon (and other omega-3 foods) two times a week! The benefits of this easy-to-cook fish will go far beyond your heart.


Here we’re talking about protein bars-inexpensive, high-quality, and easy to take with you on the go. You’ll get fiber, vitamins, minerals–everything you need for heart health. As you can see, heart health involves more than just one ingredient. We take a holistic approach, bringing you the best of the food types for happy heart functioning. If you have high cholesterol, your heart will also thank you for the benefits of soy.


Yep, Grandma was right. Oatmeal–the less processed, the better–provides a myriad of vitamins, minerals, and fiber to lower your cholesterol. Try integrating an oatmeal breakfast some mornings of the week. You can add honey for natural sugar and fruits for additional fiber. Research shows that oatmeal can be effective in preventing heart disease as well as certain cancers.

Integrating foods for heart health into your diet can be challenging at times, so we provide just a few to get started. Change happens through doing new things, little by little, so try setting manageable goals for your habits and see where you go! You’ll find that you acquire a taste for these heart-healthy yummies.

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