These wellness ideas for the workplace will help your office stay healthy throughout the winter chill!

When winter settles in for the long haul, we all know how tempting it is to go into a sort of hibernation mode. Many of those wellness ideas for the workplace that were enthusiastically embraced in warm weather seem uninspiring or even impossible when the ground is covered with ice and snow.  Rather than give in to the winter wellness doldrums, though, now is the time to think creatively and renew your workplace’s dedication to health and wellness.  Get started with these 5 winter wellness ideas for the workplace from Wellworks For You.

1. Combat Cold & Flu Germs

It is well known that the winter months show a peak in cold and flu activity that can often lead to absenteeism in the workplace.  Rather than letting seasonal illness slow you down, take a stand against the cold and flu germs this winter.  Encourage regular hand washing in your workplace as well as regular sanitizing of frequently used surfaces like keyboards and doorknobs.

2. Focus on Food

wellness ideas for the workplaceWinter is often a time we turn to comfort food, whether from the holidays or just because of the cold.  This makes it one of the best times for your company wellness committee to focus on healthy food.  Hold a competition for healthy alternatives to holiday favorites or have a healthy food cook-off!  You may even want to hold an educational seminar about how to modify recipes.  Most importantly, make sure you are offering healthy snacks when given the opportunity.

3. Plan an Office Escape

Although the weather may not cooperate for many outdoor activities, that doesn’t mean good, active fun is out of the question.  Plan a company outing to an active, indoor event such as ice skating, laser tag, or even an indoor trampoline park.  Not only will this lift spirits and open the opportunity for some great team building, but it also incorporates exercise in a new and fun way.

4. Reimagine Your Space

You may not be able to go outside for a walk at lunch anymore, but that doesn’t mean that activity has to wait for the end of the workday.  By reimagining your space, you can find all sorts of opportunities for exercise.  Map out walking routes if possible or calculate the exercise of taking the stairs.  Even in small offices, transitioning to standing for an extra hour a day rather than sitting can make a huge difference.

5. Renew Your Commitment to Staying Active

Even though routines may have to change, it is important to commit to staying active throughout the winter.  Just thirty minutes of exercise a day can make a significant impact on an individual’s overall health and wellness.  Your workplace can encourage this through a pedometer challenge, walking buddies, or even access to gym equipment.

Want More Wellness Ideas for the Workplace?

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