When it comes to implementing corporate wellness programs, measurable results are probably one of the primary things on your mind.  You want the benefits of corporate wellness program statistics to demonstrate the value of each program for individuals and the company at large.  However, it is no secret that calculating the true return on investment for corporate wellness programs has been difficult in the past.  Abstract, though vital, concepts such as happiness and motivation are often difficult to quantify.  Nonetheless, at Wellworks For You, we believe in the value of measuring as much of the ROI as possible, and we think you should too!  As a new year of corporate wellness begins, make sure that you understand the benefits of corporate wellness program statistics.  

1. See Your (Full) Return on Investment

benefits of corporate wellness program statisticsTracking your return on investment is perhaps the most obvious benefit of keeping statistics for your corporate wellness programs. Research by the Integrated Benefits Institute, published in 2012, reported that poor health costs the U.S. economy $576 billion each year.  No matter how big or small your company is, it has no doubt felt the weight of some of these costs.  

Now that you have taken action against this drain on finances and productivity, it is important to track your progress.  Keeping track of where you started and what has changed will allow you to see the quantitative return on investment.

2. Create Targeted Challenges

Of course, corporate wellness isn’t a one-time deal. This is an ongoing challenge which changes and develops over time as employees make progress.  Statistics about employee participation, progress, and continued risks can help you to create targeted programs and challenges, ensuring that you are directly addressing the concerns of your participants.  Not only does this help them take the particular steps they need to improve their health, but it also ensures a greater level of engagement.  Each year, continue to revisit updated health reports as you determine what programs and challenges to emphasize next.

3. Celebrate Success

For many, wellness can seem like an uphill battle.  Just think about when you have started exercising after a long absence; it aches!  For a while, it may seem like you aren’t getting anywhere, even though the reality is that you are making significant progress.  Avoid the disillusionment and discouragement that often derails wellness programs by using statistically based evidence to celebrate progress and encourage employees to take the next step.

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