Creating a workplace wellness program in your office can lead to greater productivity, improved morale and a healthier staff. A great way to kick off healthy workplace environment is to have a workplace wellness challenge. Wellworks For You, the leaders in workplace wellness services, has put together five workplace wellness challenge ideas to help you kick off a happy and healthy New Year in your office!

Get ready to engage your staff, improve their personal health and see the health of your workplace grow! Here are our five workplace wellness challenge ideas:

1. Mile Challenge

Workplace Wellness Challenge IdeasDepending on the size of your workplace, set a company-wide goal for walking, running or biking a certain number of miles in a month. If you are a larger company, challenge your entire workforce to move 10,000 miles in a month. If you are smaller, maybe the number is 1,000 miles. Ask each employee to commit to moving a certain number of miles. Reward departments or individuals with the highest totals at the end of the month.

2. Midday Meditation

Want to improve mental clarity and focus? Sponsor a midday meditation program in your conference room. Invite your team to come and sit quietly for 15 minutes under the guidance of a yoga or meditation teacher or use a guided meditation from YouTube or iTunes. Studies show that daily meditation can improve sleep, mental focus, short term memory and overall happiness.

3. Biggest Loser Challenge

Designate a three month time period for a biggest loser style weight loss challenge. Ask participants to buy in with a small monetary donation. Kick off the challenge with a weigh-in and before photos. Have periodic weigh-ins to encourage continued participation. At the final weigh-in, have the winner win the cash prize and take after photos of all participants. Celebrate with a healthy lunch!

4. Sign Up for a Local Run or Walk

Put together a company team for a local charity run or walk. Plan pre-event conditioning runs or group exercise classes.

5. Nutrition Mission

Put together a series of healthy eating and grocery food tours for your office. Each week have a different nutrition mission—whether it is to eat more fruits and vegetables each day or drink a gallon of water or to plan a weekly healthy meal plan. Participants who complete each mission can be entered to win a weekly raffle for a health food gift card or a dress down day or a special parking spot.

The options are endless when it comes to planning workplace wellness challenge ideas. To learn more about workplace wellness challenge ideas and how to implement in your office, call Wellworks For You today!