Corporate Wellness Plans

A successful corporate wellness program can’t even get off the ground without some time, planning, and research. Making corporate wellness plans for your program is essential to its success, effectiveness, and longevity. Whether you are a large corporation with a big budget or a small family business just looking to make a difference in your healthcare costs, a corporate wellness program can truly benefit you and your employees. As you customize your wellness program, keep these 5 corporate wellness plans in mind. These ideas are guaranteed to get your employees engaged and excited about your new program.

1.      Get Out Of Your Chair

Studies have shown that simply increasing physical activity can benefit your physical and mental health instantly. But not everyone has the time or desire to head off to the gym during their lunch break. So you can encourage employees to get moving in small ways throughout the day:corporate wellness plans

  •          Add fun signs by the elevator to encourage people to use the stairs.
  •          If you have a meeting to go to with just a few people, take some laps around the parking lot outside while you talk.
  •          Eliminate email and phone conversations when face-to-face is possible – employees can get up and walk to each other to talk.
  •          Get a group to workout together in the break room for 30 minutes during lunch – even just some simple stretching is beneficial.
  •          Relocate the copier or the coffee machine to a further location.
  •          Repurpose an unused room or office into a small fitness space.

By using subtle ideas to help, you can begin to shift the culture of your office over time to become more health-conscious.

2.      Preventative Maintenance

We all change the oil in our cars, clean out our gutters, and clean our houses to prevent issues in the future. So why not do the same for our bodies? You could allow employees to receive their vaccinations at work. This specific corporate wellness plan strategy has one of the highest known ROI’s – less sick days mean more productivity. You can either allow your employees to get their flu vaccination at work or you can even offer to fund it. If your current health insurance program won’t cover flu shots, you could offer to reimburse employees who participate by getting their flu shot.

3.      On-Site Care

Back in the day, the doctor used to come to your house. Believe it or not, there are benefits to bringing the doctor to the office. This is a new trend that is quickly catching on. Not only will this lead to less missed work due to doctor’s appointments, but you will also set your business apart as a place that treats their employees extremely well.

4.      Educational Opportunities

It’s important to remember that anyone who is unhealthy is on a journey – sometimes people don’t know how they got overweight or when they started dealing with chronic issues. Education is key to help people understand themselves, set realistic goals, and find out what a healthy life would look like for them personally. Wellworks offers Lunch N Learns where a medical professional comes in and discusses a topic of interest while your employees eat a healthy lunch and listen.

5.      Don’t Forget About Mental Health

And finally, it’s essential to remember mental health. Many businesses focus their corporate wellness plan solely on physical health. Yet the workplace can be the most stressful place for an employee. Stress can cause all kinds of physical, emotional, mental, and professional issues. Don’t ignore your employees who are stressed, depressed, or overwhelmed. Offer Lunch N Learns and other educational opportunities about mental and physical health.