Are you secretly undermining your workplace wellness program?  After your company and your employees have invested all of the time and money they have in making positive, healthy changes, this is the absolute last thing you would want to do.  And yet, without even noticing, many employers make simple mistakes which do exactly this.

At Wellworks For You, we recognize the effort that you and your team are making and want to help you reach your wellness goals.  And so, we present three simple ways to avoid undermining your workplace wellness program.

1. Snack Attack

A huge component of overall wellness is a healthy diet.  No doubt the educational aspect of your corporate wellness program has emphasized this fact, encouraging healthy meals for participants.  You may have even helped employees tailor specific dietary plans to their unique risks and needs.

But have you taken a look at the vending machine?  What about the snacks provided at meetings or conferences?  Those bags of chips or trays of bagels can completely undermine the progress your participants have made, as well as the message that you are sending.

The solution: Make sure you are supporting your message of healthy choices by reevaluating the snack food made available to employees at work and replacing junk food with healthy options.

2. Minds Matter

workplace wellness programA comprehensive workplace wellness program will incorporate the entire person, including the mind and the body. In particular, stress has shown up time and time again as a negative factor when it comes to a person’s wellness.  Too much stress can lead to other unhealthy choices, not to mention the strain it puts on a body all on its own.

So take a look at the atmosphere in your office.  Have you inadvertently created unnecessary stress?  Although some pressure or tension is necessary in any working environment, when it builds in excess, it actually does far more harm than good.

The solution: Find the highest stress situations for employees in your workplace and brainstorm ways to streamline systems, improve communication, and reduce stress.  

3. Continuing Conversations

Finally, take a look at the voices speaking into your workplace wellness program.  The most effective wellness programs engage participants by evaluating and addressing their particular needs and challenges.

How does your program measure up?  Does the need for change come across as a group collaboration and a team effort?  Or does it seem more like an order coming down from the powers that be that employees had better shape up or ship out? If it feels more like the latter, your chances of really engaging employees and making a long term change may be slim.

The solution: Create an ongoing dialogue with employees about their thoughts and goals regarding corporate wellness; allow these to help steer the direction of your program to boost engagement.

For more ideas about how to optimize your corporate wellness program, contact Wellworks For You today!