Many companies are approaching employee wellness programs with a more serious attitude these days. Companies are sincerely trying to cut the rising costs of healthcare by dealing with health issues from the outset, rather than having to bear heavy costs down the road. However, businesses are making the mistake of implementing wellness programs with little to no experience. It pays in the long run to contract with one of the many experienced corporate wellness organizations who can guide you through the steps. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

corporate wellness organizations

1. Many chronic diseases can be prevented. Chronic disease account for 75% of total healthcare costs, and they are the type of disease that is most preventable! Heart disease, stroke, cancer, obesity—these CAN be prevented with lifestyle changes that you, as a company, can support through programs on-site, at the workplace.

2. Creativity is important. You don’t want your employees to feel like this is just another boring approach to losing more weight. People need to be inspired, whether that’s by an interesting technological component, a team-centered environment, or a game competition. You want people doing a wellness program to feel like they are part of something, engaged, and motivated.

3. Incentives can make you or break you. Oftentimes the way in which companies design their incentive structure can make a big difference in how many employees participate, and how much they participate. Making positive incentives contributes to a positive company culture, improving work relationships and lowering stress.  

Corporate Wellness Organizations Bring Quality Employee Health

Corporate wellness organizations are dedicated to bringing the cutting-edge technology, systems, and incentives structures that bring good to great. Your employees’ health is the foundation of your organization’s success because good health = good thinking = good work!

A leading corporate wellness organization, WellWorks For You wants to help you to implement these benefits for your company through a customized approach to your specific needs. If you are looking for options to increase your employees wellness and reduce your long-term costs, look into contacting us for the full spectrum of program options.