Once you’ve made the decision to implement a corporate wellness program in your workplace, you may not know where to begin. After you’ve assembled a core team to manage and facilitate, it’s time to start planning and researching what methods and plans will work best for your employees. If you’re wondering how to get employees on board, check out our top corporate wellness tips to jumpstart your wellness program.

Top 8 Corporate Wellness Tips

Corporate wellness does not have a specific formula that can be applied to every employee or every workplace. Any program that doesn’t incorporate employee input and research is set up to fail. As you poll your employees, look into what wellness plans can offer, and decide how to begin, try using some of our proven tips to succeed.

1.      Share A Story

To get employees on board, share a story with them, like testimonies of people who have participated in wellness programs and how it has changed their lives. Incorporate some questions to get people reflecting on their lives:

  •         Are they dealing with chronic pain or conditions?
  •         Are they struggling with being tired all the time?
  •         Do they wish they could lose weight or eat a healthier diet?

If anyone in the room is answering yes, then you know it’s time for a wellness program!

2.      Allow Ideas to Flow

Creating a core team to manage the corporate wellness program is essential, but it’s also good to get some feedback from everyone in the office. Find out if there are any physical ailments that a majority of the office deals with – obesity, bad eating habits, smoking, etc. You can tailor your program to meet those needs. Give employees the opportunity to provide suggestions – maybe they want a gym room at work, different meeting times, a longer lunch break to work out, or other out of the box ideas for better wellness.

3.      Cater to Individuals

Once you have a good picture of what the office looks like and what the needs are, plan your wellness program and related wellness challenges around those common struggles or goals. The more you can individualize your program while still benefiting the whole company, the better.corporate wellness tips

4.      Incorporate Education

Employees need to learn more about health, eating habits, and exercise. Always make education a core value of your wellness program. Help your employees learn how to avoid burnout, eat healthy, have better sleep habits, and manage stress effectively.

5.      Encourage More Activity

No more sitting around all day in the office! Get everyone up and moving at lunch or host a “walking” meeting in the parking lot as you discuss company business. Consider letting employees sit on exercise balls instead of chairs or incorporating standing desks into the office space.

6.      Update That Kitchen

Allow space for healthy and convenient snacks in your company kitchen or break room. Change out unhealthy vending machine options for healthier snacks. Allow employees to bring in healthy dishes to share with everyone once a week. Offer healthy company meals during meetings or seminars.

7.      Implement Wellness Challenges

A favorite corporate wellness tip of ours is to get employees engaged through team challenges. It’s always easier to make changes if you have support and are doing it together. You can have walking challenges, weight loss challenges, or any other competition that would lead to healthier employees.

8.      Be A Culture Catalyst

We saved the most important of our corporate wellness tips for last. The ultimate goal in any wellness program should be to slowly shift the culture of the office. Over time, employees will get on board and be excited about a healthier lifestyle. But it takes patience, hard work, and the leadership of the office setting a good example.

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