If you’re trying to eat healthy, you might feel like anytime you leave your house you’re faced with tempting snacks. Even at work, there is candy on desks, cake for celebrations, and the vending machine in the hallway. Just because you’re trying to watch what you eat doesn’t mean the people around you are. If your workplace is filled with junk food, candy, cookies, and other unhealthy snacking choices, don’t lose hope. You can take action to get healthy workplace snacks put into the break room that everyone will love.`

Better Snacking healthy workplace snacks

When people go on a diet or attempt to eat better, they often fail. Too many fad diets keep you from eating what you really want. The key is to eat healthier, but also to eat in moderation. It’s okay to snack or even eat small portions of your favorite foods. But you have to be eating a balanced diet and cutting out unhealthy foods like sugary drinks and fast food.

The temptation to snack is often greatest in the afternoon and at night after dinner. After dinner, you can control what you eat and don’t eat by what you have available in the pantry. However, in the afternoon, you’re at work. It can be hard to eat healthy snacks at work all day in that environment. If you’re serious about minimizing temptation, read on to find out how you can take action.

Healthy Workplace Snacks

If your workplace has unhealthy snacks available all the time, you can do something about it.

Option 1: Speak to Management

All it takes is dedication on your part, and conversations with management. Ask them to consider offering healthier options in the break room, like fresh fruits and vegetables. There are healthier snack options that could go in the vending machine, like trail mix and low calorie snack items. (Please remember that changing the snack environment at your company is completely up to management, and they might not be on board at first. If this is the case, try suggestion two and keep up with persistence.)

Option 2: Become a healthy snacks advocate

Healthy workplace snacks won’t just happen overnight.You will need to become a self-appointed spokesperson for healthier choices in the office. Offer to bake a low sugar dessert for the next employee birthday. See if other people want to join you in eating healthy during the day by having lunch together and sharing different healthy recipes. If you take initiative, you’ll see positive results both in your own health and your relationships with your co-workers.

If you just want to bring your own healthy workplace snacks, these are some of our favorites:

  •          Celery sticks with peanut butter
  •          Fresh fruit
  •          Oatmeal with milk and cinnamon
  •          Chopped veggies with hummus
  •          Tuna with light mayo
  •          Cheese and crackers

Snacks are great, just choose the healthier options.

One Snack At A Time

If your company is full of sick and overweight people, consider incorporating a formal wellness program into your office. Making healthy choices can be hard, but with the full support of a company-wide wellness program, it would get a lot easier. Healthy workplace snacks would just be the beginning! Wellworks For You can offer your company all the resources and service they need to start saving money on health insurance and enjoying all the benefits of a corporate wellness program.