Although efforts to promote workplace health and wellness have been practiced dating back to the late nineteenth century, attention to this field has increased rapidly in the last few decades.  As technology and health science have developed, employers have found new and better ways to help their employees achieve greater health and wellness.  Now, studies show that corporate wellness programs like those from Wellworks For You yield a statistically significant return on investment.  If your company is not already working to promote the wellbeing of your employees, it is time to discover what corporate health and wellness programs are all about.    

What is Corporate Wellness?what is corporate wellness

Corporate wellness is any organizational activity or policy intended to encourage healthy behavior in the workplace and improve overall wellness in employees.  Typically, when we talk about corporate health and wellness, we are referring to specific programs put into place to encourage, motivate, or instruct participants.  Some corporate wellness programs focus on creating fun and engaging challenges to get employees to add more exercise like walking or running to their daily routines.  Others focus on curbing unhealthy habits like smoking cessation programs.  These and many other variations are examples of how employers can help workers to live healthier lives while the employers, in turn, enjoy the benefits of increased wellness in the workplace.

Why Does Corporate Wellness Matter?

We may not always easily notice when our employees are healthy, but it quickly becomes evident when they are not doing well.  Whether it is in the number of sick days taken each year or healthcare costs that seem to keep inching higher and higher, employee health and wellness matters to your company.  Even aside from these clearly quantifiable numbers, improved wellness can benefit your company at every level.  When employees are healthier, they feel better, with more energy and creativity.  Corporate wellness programs can go a long way in creating a supportive and enthusiastic atmosphere in the office, as well.  When everyone is engaged and on the road to a more healthy lifestyle, the positive changes you see will definitely surpass even the numerical return on investment.

What Can You Do About Corporate Wellness?

While corporate wellness might sound like a great idea, it may also seem like a good deal of work.  How do you create a program that is engaging and yields the results you are looking for?

Fortunately, you do not have to do it alone.  Wellworks For You is a company which specializes in creating programs to promote health and wellness and businesses like yours.  We have blended the latest technology and health science to create a number of customizable challenges, programs, and coaching opportunities.  We will work with you to figure out which program is the best fit for your employees and then help you begin achieving your wellness goals.