There are many advantages to having a corporate wellness program and lots of benefits of healthy employees. A great wellness program will result in healthier and happier employees. Make that your main goal and you won’t fail! You’ll be surprised at how quickly you see results from your health and wellness program. Many people just need a little encouragement to start making better choices for themselves and their families. We all like to think that we leave our personal baggage at the door when we come to work, but realistically our health follows us in, whether it’s great or poor. A wellness program can help your employees feel better and look better.

The Five Best Benefits of Healthy Employees

1. Positive Work Environment

If a corporate wellness program is implemented properly, it should help create a more positive work environment. The focus should always be positive, with an emphasis on becoming “healthier” rather than losing a certain amount of weight or changing specific habits. Hopefully that will happen, but people need to feel encouraged and not criticized. As the culture in the office shifts, you will find that morale is higher and people are happier to be at work. It’s just one of the many benefits of healthy employees. A new sense of teamwork and communication will be fostered as employees band together to participate.

2. More Productive Daysbenefits of healthy employees

It’s been proven that healthier employees are more focused and productive, even up to 50% more productive. A workplace can be a high stress environment. By introducing a wellness program, you can experience many benefits of healthy employees including increasing positivity in the workplace and productivity. Many people spend a majority of their day at work and not at home, so it is the place where they make many decisions that affect their health – snacking throughout the day, not exercising at lunch. But studies have shown that people who are more active can be more focused and productive in the workplace.

3. Less Sick Days

Logic states that if employees are healthier, they won’t have to take as many sick days. But this will also benefit employees who are struggling with chronic conditions. Many chronic diseases or conditions can be slowly improved through healthier personal choices about diet and lifestyle. Not only will employees take less sick days, but they’ll be able to use their vacation days to actually go on a vacation. Some people dealing with a chronic health problem end up burning through their vacation days because of hospital stays or days they just can’t make it work. Research has shown that a successful wellness program can reduce sick days by 6% – 32% per year.

4. Lower Healthcare Costs

One of the most attractive qualities of a wellness program to employers is a high ROI. In this economy, companies are looking to save money wherever they can. Whether you’re a large corporation or a small family business, spending less money on healthcare could help your budget. It’s been proven that wellness programs can decrease healthcare costs by as much as 20% – 55%.

5. Healthier Employees

Another benefit of healthy employees is just that – healthier and happier people! More importantly than any financial cost, your employees will be able to take pride in their lifestyle choices. Employees can enjoy results like:

  •         Weight reduction
  •         Better physical fitness
  •         Increased endurance
  •         Lower stress levels
  •         Increased self-esteem and well-being

And much more. If you see people in your office who are sick, missing a lot of work, or struggling with chronic health problems, a corporate wellness program may be the holistic and natural solution you’ve been looking for. Don’t delay! Take the next steps to having healthy employees at work!