Corporations are beginning to pay attention to the importance of employee-focused wellness programs. With healthcare costs rising and the increasing statistics on overweight and unhealthy employees, employers are truly searching for a way to cut costs and benefit their employees at the same time. In comes a corporate wellness program. Designed to be mutually beneficial to both employer and employee, it’s a great solution to many problems.

Unfortunately, just bringing in a new program won’t change much on its own. Companies are treating wellness programs like a big band-aid. If you don’t have a strategy for your wellness program that includes ideas like support, encouragement, and engagement, then it won’t last long. If you do your homework before hiring a wellness corporation, you will find it’s much easier to implement a successful wellness program in your workplace.

Identify Your Needs

wellness corporationBefore bringing in an outside wellness corporation, identify your needs. As an employer, what needs do you have, and what problems are you trying to solve? What do your employees really need? What will benefit them and what will hinder their progress? In this stage, it is important to open up the floor for discussion and accept feedback from the people a new wellness program will most impact. The leadership in the company should also weigh in with their thoughts and concerns. If you can go into a consultation with a wellness corporation with a firm picture of your needs, the conversation will be much more effective. You will also be able to figure out if the companies you’re consulting with are able to deliver what you want.

Achieve Awareness

The second step to preparing to hire a wellness corporation is to achieve awareness. Do some independent research for yourself. What kind of programs would be most beneficial for your company? Have they been successful in other companies like yours? How exactly do wellness corporations work? If you can become informed before you go into a consultation with a wellness company, you will be ahead of the curve and able to “speak their language.” Find out what are the pros and cons to having a wellness program. Once you’ve done your research both within and outside the office, you’re ready.

Prepare for the Long Haul

The third step is essential to the process, but often skipped. Too many companies expect instant results from wellness programs. The strategy behind a quality corporate wellness program is often complex, involving many factors. The wellness corporation you choose can help you strategize, but you must be prepared to commit long-term. If you can properly identify your needs, achieve awareness, and develop an excellent strategy, then you will see results. But you have to be patient, constantly drive engagement, and reassess at every step. Over time, your wellness program will slowly become part of your company’s culture.

Choose the Best Wellness Corporation

Once you’re ready to go, find the best wellness corporation out there who can supply you with the resources you need. Wellworks For You exists for such a purpose. We’ve developed a variety of programs, resources, and information to give you all you need to be successful in this new venture. Wellness programs that fail are limited in scope, results-focused, and not personalized. We’ve changed the game with our multi-dimensional, holistic, and customizable approach to corporate wellness.