Businesses try all sorts of schemes to improve performance in the workplace.  From rearranging the setup of an office to competitive incentive programs, there are innumerable suggestions online and in books to help you boost productivity and morale. However, not all of these creative ideas are backed up by research or a proven return on investment.  Rather than jump on each new trend or trust in trial-and-error, take a look at the positive effects that healthy employees can have on your workplace.  Even small changes, when they are presented in an engaging and effective format, can make a huge difference for you, your employees, and your business.   

Healthy Employees Make A Differencehealthy employees

When employees are healthy, it is not just the individuals who benefit from living and feeling better.  You can quickly notice the difference healthy employees make in the entire workplace.  First and foremost, they are missing fewer days of work, so you can operate with all hands on deck on a more regular basis.  Furthermore, the days when healthy individuals are there show higher quality performance for themselves and the whole team.  Exercise and eating well improve not only our physical health, but our mental health as well, leading to more energetic, creative, and focused minds.  

Promoting Wellness Pays Off

Healthy employees can also benefit a business on other levels. In addition to improved morale and less absenteeism, healthcare and disability costs are an important consideration.  In the CDC review of the benefits of workplace wellness programs, they noted a significant decrease in these costs.  Not only do these programs decrease spending, but they add value to the company.  They can improve employee recruitment, morale, and retention as well as create a culture which cares about the wellness of its members.

Wellworks For You Can Help

Understanding the importance of healthy employees is the first step for your business to start enjoying these benefits.  Next, you will need to create a strategy that will help you motivate positive and healthy changes in your employees while allowing you to track the results.  Wellworks For You can help!  We offer a variety of comprehensive wellness programs for businesses of all shapes and sizes.  From challenges that focus on increasing exercise to disease management, we can help you to focus on the areas of health that your employees need most.  For more information about our programs and how they make a difference for your employees and your business, contact us today.