Wellness challenges are growing in popularity in companies that run official wellness programs and even in those that do not. This is because challenges are easy to create and participate in and are a great way to boost overall morale, improve health and have a good time at work. Below are a few more reasons why this may be a great idea for your workplace!

wellness challenges

1. Boost Participation

Are you attempting to run a workplace wellness program but failing to see much interest or engagement? Wellness challenges may be the answer! Employees will find that the challenges offered are easy to participate in, provide rewards and incentives and provide a host of benefits such as: creating new relationships at work, reaching health goals, gaining more energy, and becoming more informed on a wide range of topics.

2. Have Fun

Wellness challenges can be creative and constantly changing. Some may last a week, others a month or more and each can be different in order to cater to every personality type. No matter what his or her specific goals or motivations may be, each employee will be sure to find something that sparks their interest and have a great time doing it along with their co-workers!

3. Create a Culture

If you are looking to make your workforce more health conscious, more productive, happier, more full of energy, better bonded and more excited about working for your company, start running some wellness challenges! These activities are a great catalyst to creating a healthier environment in your workplace and helping employees create a new culture.

4. See Results

Employees and employers alike will be thrilled with the outcome of challenges. Participants will begin reaching all sorts of health goals and growing in their awareness of the need for healthy lifestyle choices, which, in turn, will allow companies to begin saving money on healthcare costs, seeing more productive and engaged employees and having a lower turnaround rate.

How Wellworks For You Can Help with Wellness Challenges

Wellworks For You provides companies with full services in a wide range of workplace wellness needs. Our experience and training allow us to offer full management of wellness programs for any size company.

We work to customize each program we provide to ensure its maximum effectiveness for the targeted employee base. Our wellness challenges are just one of the many programs that we offer for our valued clients. We offer pedometer challenges that allow participants to virtually track their routes using unique software and the most cutting edge pedometer technology.

Contact us today to learn more about how your company can begin one of our wellness challenges today!