With all the rushing convenience of our modern world, even something as easy as walking can become difficult to make time for. Driving is quicker, the elevator is easier, and we often settle in front of the computer at home as well as at work.  An increasingly sedentary lifestyle affects not only our own wellness, but also the atmosphere at work.  An unhealthy office is often low in energy, creativity, and positivity; to change this, we need to get moving!

Walking is one of the easiest and most effective steps we can make towards any goal in health and wellness, from losing weight to improving heart health.  But, instead of creating a battle between the computers and phones that keeps us sitting still and the exercise we know we should be doing, why not blend the two for a more engaging result?  A pedometer program can help you take the best of modern technology and put it to work towards helping you and your employees reach positive wellness goals.

What is a Pedometer Program?

pedometer programA pedometer program is a fantastic corporate wellness initiative that can help everyone in your workplace get moving towards a happier, healthier lifestyle.  Using pedometers like the FitBit or Omron, participants keep track of their steps each day, using these numbers to make and reach progressive goals throughout the program.  

Some pedometer programs, such as WellTrek from Wellworks for You, offer inspiring incentives throughout the program. Their interactive system allows you to design custom routes around the world as fun challenges for your participants.  Together, you can travel across Europe, Africa, Australia, and other exciting locations!  Seamless linking between the pedometer and users’ computers or smartphones allows them to track their progress and view satellite images of their route along the way.  And for those who find numbers as inspiring as landscapes, daily step entries can be viewed of developing graphs of their progress.  

What are the Results?

Initiating a pedometer program in your workplace is a great way to see positive changes in the lives of individuals as well as in the office as a whole.  Even as each participant begins feeling more energetic, confident, and inspired, you will begin to see these developments manifest at work as well.  The health benefits of a workplace participating in a wellness program such as this can even have a positive impact on healthcare costs!  All in all, a pedometer program is one wellness initiative sure to pay off on the individual, interpersonal, and corporate levels.

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