What is a General Wellness Program?

Wellness programs are no longer generic but are customizable for each client, so your wellness program can look completely different than someone else’s. A general wellness program is a wellness program designed for the corporate workplace to help improve the wellness of your company. Wellness program can be a huge asset to your company, whether you have a lot of room in the budget for it or can only spend a little extra to get started.

A good wellness program does not depend on how much of an investment you make, but rather how well it is run. You’ll see a good ROI soon enough, but don’t feel like you have to spend the big bucks to get a quality wellness program in place. There are three reasons why you should decide to incorporate a general wellness program into your office.

  • First, it will reduce healthcare costs and there is research to back that up.

  • Second, it will benefit your employees personally.

  • Third, it will benefit your employees professionally and in turn, really benefit your company overall.

#1. Reduce Healthcare Costs

The first reason is one of the biggest selling points for general wellness programs. As the economy has its ups and downs, many companies are desperately looking at their budget to see where they can cut costs without sacrificing quality. Most of the time, making an investment sounds like a good idea, but companies that are struggling don’t have the ability to take that kind of a risk. The great thing about a corporate wellness program is that it is a low-investment opportunity with a high-yield result. A high ROI is possible with any wellness program, as long as it’s run well. Research has found that companies can reduce their healthcare costs by 20% to 55% by implementing and managing a successful wellness program in their workplace.

#2. Benefit Your Employees Personally

Though we all strive to leave our personal baggage at the door, it’s impossible to always keep business as business. Every employee comes to work with their own set of expectations, fears, and distractions. It’s no secret that if an employee is sick, in pain, or dealing with stressful situations at work or home, they won’t be performing their best. Anytime an employee comes to work sick or stays home sick, it impacts the entire company.

Incorporating a wellness program into your daily culture at work can benefit your employees personally. They can become educated about their health and lifestyle choices. Employees can get support as they try to eat healthier or exercise more. Employees will experience a variety of personal benefits, depending on their level of engagement, like:general wellness program

  •          Weight loss
  •          Increased confidence
  •          Better physical and mental endurance
  •          Improved physical condition
  •          Lower stress levels

Engaging in a new program as a team is always more effective than trying to accomplish something on your own. Studies have found that along with reduced healthcare costs, companies who have started a general wellness program in their workplace have also seen improved employee relationships and cooperation and decreased rates of employee illness and injuries, whether at work or at home.

#3. Benefit Your Company

A general wellness program can reduce healthcare costs, benefit the health of your employees, and it can also benefit your company overall. Healthier and happier employees will lead to:

  •          Higher productivity (between 2% – 52%)
  •          Reduced sick days (between 6% – 32%)
  •          Reduced healthcare costs
  •          Improved employee communication and morale
  •          More positive work environment

All of these benefits are more available if you can successfully engage your employees in a general wellness program. Contact Wellworks for more information.