Imagine you could look six months, or even six years, down the road, to see what your life would be like.  Would you still be enjoying the same activities you do now?  Or would be struggling with the manifestation of a new disease to be understood and managed?  Now imagine you could do this with your whole corporate team, and, upon seeing potential risks, make changes now to maintain or even improve your current level of wellness.  Sound pretty fantastic, right?

At Wellworks for You, we can’t predict the future.  But we can use a variety of proven techniques to look for early clues and warning signs to help your business establish a corporate disease management system that works.

What Does A Corporate Diseases Management Look Like?corporate disease management

Corporate disease management aims to predict and manage current and future health risks for participants.  Wellworks for You achieves this goal through a unique combination of traditional wellness activities and integrating technology.  They begin by gathering information about all aspects of participants help, including clinically valid Health Risk Assessments, Biometric Screenings, and Health Coaching.  All of this information is then combined with a proprietary integrated health informatics system, which creates a 360-degree approach to each individual’s health care.

In addition to identifying potential risks and working with patients to pursue a healthier lifestyle, corporate disease management programs help you, the employer, as well.  The comprehensive approach is able to identify patients who will be high risk at an early stage, so those risks can be reduced and managed early on.  This, in turn, reduces the costs of health care plans while simultaneously improving the overall care for participants.  

Why Wellworks for You?

Wellworks for You offers a unique approach to corporate disease management for businesses like yours.  First and foremost, the comprehensive approach, combining all of a participant’s information into one system, actually provides a better look at his or her overall health than most doctors see!  As such, the wellness plan developed will be more tailored to suit that  participant’s needs.  Additionally, while some disease management programs lack a clinically valid approach, or fail to provide measurable results, Wellworks for You has successfully incorporated both of these aspects.

Wellworks for You also provides a variety of other wellness programs, all customizable to fit your business’s needs.  From informative Lunch & Learns to Pedometer Walking Challenges, there is something available for everyone.  And, as with our disease management programs, each of these comes with a unique online aspect which increases participant engagement, as well as better results tracking for you!

For more information about corporate disease management or other corporate wellness programs today, contact us online or over the phone at 1.888.603.2924.