“I keep meaning to work out more.”

“I need to get motivated.”

“I want to get the extra weight off.”

If you ask any one of your employees about his or her goals, you will probably hear more than a few response like above.  Everyone has the general idea that they need to get moving, that doing so will make a positive change in their life… but fewer have the drive or motivation to start making positive changes and then stick with them.    

Enter Walking Challenges

Walking challenges in the workplace make a huge impact, changing the old watercooler conversation from “I should…” to “I did.”  Engagement is increased through community, challenges, and regular check-ins. The accountability and motivation inspired by an at-work walking challenge make differences that ripple out beyond the individual’s health and wellness, too.  More active employees translates into a workplace with more energy and focus, as well as lowered healthcare costs in the long run; time and again, wellness programs like a walking challenge have been shown to have a major return of investment.  

How Does It Work?

walking challengesWalking challenges come in all shapes and sizes.  However, some have more potential than others.  Simply asking employees to track their walking by time or distance and then report in at the end of the week may work as a start, but it’s almost guaranteed to fizzle out as participants becomes bored or distracted.  The key to a successful walking challenge is twofold.  First, it needs to be engaging.  Secondly, it needs to be easy to track.  

For both of these factors, Wellworks for You can help.   Our Pedometer Program uses the latest technology to ensure easy reporting and exciting motivation.  Using either Fitbit pedometers or the Omron USB pedometer, your steps are instantly tracked and easily uploaded into the Wellness Portal.  From there, participants can see how they stack up against others for a corporate challenge, or simply try to beat their own personal best.  

The Pedometer Program also gives you the option to transform a walk around the parking lot or on the treadmill into a trek throughout the world.  With WellTrek, you can create a route for participants to follow across the states or through Europe!  In their Wellness Portal, they can see how far they’ve traveled and even view satellite images of the landscape they have journeyed through.

Wellworks for You

In addition to walking challenges, Wellworks for You offers a variety of corporate wellness programs for your company.  From awareness luncheons to risk assessments, they use the latest technology to create engaging programs to help you and your employees live better.  For more information, please contact us today.