Are you looking for a way to increase the health and wellbeing of your employees while also seeing benefits for the company at large?  It’s time to consider a new wellness program model.  Corporate wellness programs have a proven track record of Return on Investment.  However, simply establishing a program is not enough to guarantee such results.  Declaring a challenge to walk more, for example, may start out with high hopes and enthusiasm, but without a way to continuously engage participants, their participation, and your results, will soon fizzle.  One of the best ways to counter this decline is with a customizable wellness platform.  

What is a Customizable Wellness Platform?

A customizable wellness platform is your starting place when it comes to corporate wellness management.  You begin with an established system which then allows for adjustments at every level, from visual appearance to the actual goals and incentives you are tracking.  For example, “Results Now” from Wellworks for You is a personalized incentive tracking platform that tracks employee participation in various wellness activities and manage incentives for participating employees.  

Why “Customizable” Matterscustomizable wellness platform

Having a customizable wellness platform, instead of a generic one-size-fits-all platform, makes a huge difference.  Just as it is imperative to personalize the programs and challenges for your employees, you need a platform that can be adjusted to fit the needs of your company as well.  The timeline and incentives of a large corporation, for example, are significantly different than those of a small business.  A customizable platform allows you to take details like size, budget, and organization into account, ensuring that the set up you have actually fits the needs of your business.  

In addition to personalization on the platform level, participating employees also each receive access to their own Wellness Portal.  These, too, are customizable in everything from aesthetics to personalized risk assessments.  With an interactive portal which assesses their needs and tracks their progress, employees are sure to maintain a higher level of engagement than could be provided by a group meeting or once a week check-in.  

Wellworks for You

The “Results Now” incentives platform from Wellworks for You is only one of their many innovations when it comes to the field of corporate wellness.  Since 2008, this Pennsylvania-based company has worked to create the best possible foundation for you and your business to offer successful wellness programs.  Because they realize the importance of engagement, and its basis in personalization, they work with you to customize each program and incentive to specifically fit your group’s needs and goals.  

For more information about Wellworks for You’s many wellness programs, contact us today!