Engaging Health in the Workplace

Hosting a health fair is only one of the ways to engage your employees in a new way of looking at health and wellness. A health fair on its own will have minimal and short-lived results. But if you provide a health fair within the complete framework of a corporate health and wellness program, you will have great results. A health fair alone will provide some talking points and helpful information. A successful wellness program combined with engaging and interesting health fair topics will give your employees the resources they need to get serious about their health. If you’re interested in creating a more health-minded work environment, Wellworks can offer you expert wellness program advice.

Choosing Health Fair Topics

When planning a health fair, it’s important to consider your demographic. Who will be attending? Do the attendees have anything in common? A group of young professionals will be interested in different topics than a group of senior executives. You could plan your health fair topics based around categories or have a little bit of everything available. Health fair topics could be based around issues like preventing diseases, strengthening the body, or managing disease.health fair topics

If the majority of your employees are healthy, use a health fair to introduce topics like proper nutrition, dental care, fun exercise and fitness, safety in the home, the effects of smoking or alcohol and substance abuse. These are all preventative topics. If a lot of your employees have chronic health conditions, consider including health fair topics like how to manage physical illnesses and being prepared to deal with medical emergencies.

If the demographic of your employees is mixed, try using a variety of health fair topics. You could plan different sessions to run at different times so people could choose what topic they’re most interested in. Some options could include:

  •          Growing your own food
  •          Pet safety and protection
  •          Dealing with anxiety and depression
  •          Eating disorders
  •          Basic first aid and CPR
  •          Managing personal and family health needs
  •          Benefits of sleep and rest
  •          Exercise options for people of all ages

All of these health fair topics would attract the attention of your employees. Everyone would be able to find something they’re interested in and learn more.

Don’t Forget the Follow Up

A health fair is a great event for your employees. But don’t let your effort end there. Develop follow up questions, activities, and challenges related to the any health fair topic discussed. Keep the conversation going and employees will be more likely to commit to a plan to quit a bad habit, eat better, handle a chronic condition, or other healthy lifestyle choices. Stick to a follow up plan for the weeks after the health fair and assess where your employees are at. This will also help you measure if the health fair was successful or not and show you how to improve for the next health fair.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about exciting and relevant health fair topics, contact Wellworks.