A Fitbit Pedometer Program for Every Need

Wellworks For You has partnered with Fitbit to create the perfect Fitbit pedometer program for every wellness campaign. We serve clients of all shapes and sizes. From international corporations to small businesses and even individuals, Wellworks For You is fully equipped and prepared to provide for your exact needs.

Fibit and WellTrek

Our Fitbit pedometer programs combine new tracking technology with easy to use, customizable applications to help participants set and reach goals and have fun while they are at it! Our uniquely designed WellTrek program allows users to design engaging “routes” from all around the world as they track their daily steps. fitbit pedometer program

Trek through the deserts of Africa, hike up and down woodsy trails, take a long walk along the beach of your favorite island or explore a faraway land. You can even view satellite images along the way! Not only can you track your steps, you can also use the sleek Fitbit trackers to watch your calorie intake, exercise routines, and more.

WellTrek, along with the latest Fitbit tracking devices, make Wellworks For You’s Fitbit Pedometer Programs the perfect fit for anyone looking for an encouraging accountability tool as they work to increase their daily activity level. These programs are perfect to incorporate into already existing corporate wellness efforts because they are easy for employees to get involved in and provide the rewarding experience of better understanding health and daily routines.

When these programs are combined with other Wellworks For You services such as health coaching, they can be used to their fullest potential and greatly encourage your staff members. Your employees will jump at the opportunity to utilize this incredible technology and work towards easy to obtain goals. When you choose to implement a Fitbit Pedometer Program into your workplace wellness offerings, Wellworks For You will take care of everything.

Our staff will not only provide you with the necessary equipment, but will train participants in how to use it to its greatest potential, educate all those wanting to be involved about how the program itself will work and the benefits they can expect from it, help with any questions or concerns along the way, and manage the program as it goes on.

For more information about these services or any other programs, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to helping your employees reach their wellness goals.