The Most Effective Wellness Program Model

In our experience, the most effective wellness program model actually benefits the employees by assessing their needs, interests, and desires and then customizing a personal experience just for them. If a wellness program is not impactful or relevant, employee participation will be mediocre and overall office wellness won’t change. For a wellness program that is guaranteed to succeed, get employees engaged and stay consistent. It sounds simple, but it really works if done right and with close attention to detail.

Questions to Consider

If you’re in the market for an effective wellness program, take some time to research and decide what you’re really looking for. Ask yourself these questions to begin:

  • Are managers and other leaders willing to participate themselves?

  • What kinds of wellness activities would employees be interested in?

  • What type of details should be considered in planning wellness rewards, challenges, and programs?

  • What would benefits of a corporate wellness program be for our company?

Many companies start a program before they fully consider all the details and ramifications. Take into account how a wellness program could positively impact your employees and then go from there.


Once you’ve decided that you want to implement a workplace wellness program in your office, the most important detail to consider is how to get employees to engage. A wellness program can:effective wellness program

  • Have a high ROI

  • Decrease company insurance costs

  • Improve employee morale and overall health

  • Create an environment for positive change

These results are only possible if employees are engaged. In order to evaluate how to best engage them, consider sending out a few surveys. You can find out how employees would like to receive information, what type of specific programs they would be interested in, and what topics or speakers they would benefit the most from. Keep the surveys brief but encourage honest and open feedback by including a comments section. You can also offer educational materials to help inform employees. Health coaches are a great resource to boost engagement levels because they become the face of wellness program.  


Once your employees are involved and engaged, the program should run pretty smoothly. The key to continued success is consistency. Schedule wellness events on a regular basis. Try for the same day each month, if possible. Help your employees get into a rhythm that flows well and is easy to remember. You can stay consistent by keeping things simple and scheduled, as well as taking advantage of all the wellness resources we have to offer.

The great thing about an effective wellness program is that it is completely customizable to your employees and your company. The general principles of engagement and consistency will always remain, but Wellworks offers you the flexibility to pick and choose what will work best in your workplace.