A truly successful corporate wellness program has multiple components working seamlessly together to provide an excellent experience for your employees. In order to really benefit employees and make a difference, a workplace wellness program needs to incorporate a variety of resources for employees. One of the most important resources we offer is access to our health coaching program. Health coaches can put a personal and motivational touch on a corporate wellness program.

Why a Health Coaching Program?

Employees may need a little extra encouragement to fully invest into your workplace wellness program. A health coaching program can help them get the motivation that they need to commit to lifestyle changes. Health coaches provide an essential hands-on component to any wellness program.

Before implementing a corporate wellness program, your company may have been dealing with:

·         High health insurance costs

·         Higher than average turnover rates

·         Poor management, productivity, or motivation

·         Personal issues or physical ailments affecting work performance

Once you get a wellness program in motion, those symptoms of an unhealthy work environment will fade. A health coaching program can help you achieve that goal. Insurance costs can go down, turnover rates can decrease, and employee morale and confidence can increase.  health coaching program

Educate Employees about Health Coaches

Many employees may be suffering from various health conditions, either diagnosed or even undiagnosed. This can affect their self esteem, confidence, and work performance. Health coaches can educate them about their health. Your workplace wellness program can help identify medical problems or diagnose possible health risks. The health coaches can use that individual information for each employee to show them how they can change their personal lifestyle. Many employees may know they’re sick or dealing with a medical issue, but don’t know how to begin changing the way they eat or exercise. A health coaching program can provide them with all the information and education they need to start taking their health seriously.

Inspire Your Workforce

Even if employees know that they’re sick or compensating for some sort of medical issue, they may not have enough inspiration to make changes on their own. A health coaching program can provide personal, one-on-one inspiration to help employees get serious about their lifestyle choices. Health coaches can come up with a customized and personalized plan for each employee that includes their goals and dreams for their health. These goals should be realistic and achievable with small steps.

A health coach can help your employees evaluate their physical, emotional, and mental health and then decide what needs to change. Physical health includes exercise, proper medications, and diet plans or goals. Emotional and mental health includes stress management, a proper sleep schedule, and self-awareness. Some people just need someone to walk with them as they embark on their journey to better health and wellness.

Motivate Your Employees

Once they’ve been educated and inspired, employees need to be motivated to stay committed and dedicated to their goals. Health coaches can also serve as accountability partners and keep employees on track with their goals. A health coach can serve as a valuable resource in many ways, but this is one of the most important. It’s always easy to make a New Year’s resolution – it’s a lot harder to keep it for an entire year. Employees can stay motivated and dedicated if someone keeps up with them and keeps them accountable to their goals. A wellness program depends on engagement for success. Health coaches can help keep employees engaged as the months go by.

If you’re interested in implementing a corporate wellness program in your workplace or would like to find out more about our health coaching program, contact us or visit our website.