Though staying in shape should be a year round goal, sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated when the wind begins to blow and the temperatures drop. No matter where you live, winter can be gray, dreary, and cold. Seasonal depression or just the winter blues can keep you from being consistent with your fitness during the winter. We have some advice for anyone who wants to stay fit in winter. With a slightly different outlook, you can look forward to a new season and new winter fitness opportunities.

Remaining Motivated

The biggest obstacle to overcome to stay fit in winter is your perspective. It gets easier to justify not working out because it’s cold outside or dark by the time you leave work. But remember why you got serious about your fitness in the first place. Being healthy will always take a little work, no matter what season. You can keep winter weight off and not worry about swimsuit season once it rolls around again. And as the Norwegians like to say, “There is no bad weather, only bad clothes.” If you get the proper gear for the cold weather, you may find you enjoy being outside during the winter. Invest in the proper attire based on your geographical location. You may want to buy hand and foot warmers, wind and waterproof outer layers, long underwear, and anything else that will help keep you warm.

Staying Fit in Winter Indoors

If you really hate the cold and can’t stand the thought of exercising outside, use this opportunity to try something new. Get a gym membership and join a hot yoga class. Stay fit in winter by taking advantage of all the exercises, equipment, and classes that a gym has to offer year round. You don’t have to worry about the weather keeping you from your workout if you exercise indoors. If you don’t want to spring for a gym membership, there are lots of online resources you can use to work out at home. There are DVD’s, Youtube videos, and even apps for your phone. Consider having a friend over for a daily or weekly workout for some in winter

Winter Sports

The best thing about different seasons is different sports. If you like to be active and have fun at the same time, you can stay fit in winter by taking up a new seasonal sport. There are so many options including:

  •          Ice skating
  •          Skiing
  •          Snowboarding
  •          Ice hockey

If you live in the northern part of the country, you may also be able to take up snow shoveling. It’s not the most exciting sport, but it is necessary after a snowstorm. You can burn a lot of calories shoveling snow, so volunteer to do your neighbor’s driveway or the neighborhood sidewalk. It’s a great cardio workout and you’ll find yourself shedding layers as you warm up.

Winter doesn’t have to be the pause button on your workout routine. Pick up a new sport or hobby that’s inside or outside and enjoy a new season. Visit the Wellworks website for more articles on health and winter fitness.