What Does Top Wellness Program Management Look Like?

To have top wellness program management procedures, you need to be informed about what is working and what is not. Implementing change can be for the good of the program, your employees and your company. Managing a wellness program well will lead to success. Success for a wellness program looks like:

  • Positive ROI

  • Large percentage of employee participation

  • Engaged participants

  • Healthier workforce

  • Savings on healthcare costs

  • Grateful, dedicated employees

wellness program management5 Top Wellness Program Management Tools

1. Create a Healthy Culture

Top wellness program management professionals understand that participants of a wellness program will be much more inclined to make and stick with changes if their atmosphere encourages them. For example, having vending machines packed with sodas and junk food in the kitchen can be a temptation for participants rather than an opportunity. Simply providing healthier options for snacking in the office is one way to create a healthy culture.

2. Obtain Support From Leadership

Higher ups in any company would be wise to not only support their company’s wellness program, but to choose to be an active participant in it as well. Leading by example is powerful and employees will recognize determination when they see it.

3. Use Data Wisely

There are many ways to gather data on the health of a population or of an individual. Top wellness program management makes sure that this data is used in an effective manner. For example, having participants take a health assessment only to show them their risk factors is futile. The goal of receiving that information should be to encourage them to make wise changes in their lifestyles to reduce the risks discovered.

4. Cater to the Population

wellness program management

Every group of employees will have different needs. This should be taken into consideration when designing a wellness program. For example, perhaps there is a large percentage of your employee population who smoke. For your company, including a smoking cessation program into the wellness routine would be a wise choice. For another company this may be useless because there may only be one or two smokers in the whole office.

5. Provide Incentives

Providing incentives can be done in a variety of ways. A great way to make the most of this tip is to conduct a survey of participants that asks what types of incentives they would be most spurred on by. For some, monetary discounts may be the best bet, while for others things like gym memberships or extra days off will be most encouraging.

How Wellworks For You Can Help

Wellworks For You is a professional provider of all services associated with the design, implementation and top wellness program management. We believe that our success as a company has come largely from our commitment to treating each of our clients with personalized attention and ensuring their satisfaction. For us, this means custom designing programs based on individual company needs and working to keep those programs fresh and engaging for participants at all times.

For assistance with any of the listed tools above or to inquire about any of our other services, please feel free to contact Wellworks For You today.