It’s a brand new year and perhaps it’s also time for a brand new approach to the way you eat. With the holiday season now behind us, many people are looking for ways to get back on track with healthier habits. This can be challenging when the past month or two have been filled with huge meals, amazing desserts and far more calories than anyone actually needs to consume!

But like all challenges, with a little discipline and some helpful information on how to eat clean, anyone can take the necessary steps to revolutionize their diet and make a positive change in 2014. You may be thinking that “clean eating” doesn’t sound like much fun, but that’s what we’re here to prove – that you can eat well without sacrificing great taste!

How to Eat Clean…But NOT Boring!

Eating clean is all about avoiding added, artificial ingredients and sticking to the fresh, whole foods that are best for our bodies. The great news about this approach to healthy eating is that it is not a boring diet that requires eating only meal bars that taste like cardboard and shakes that taste like grass. Nope! Clean eating is easy and with a little prior planning, it can also be delicious!Clean eating

As you’re learning how to eat clean, we recommend focusing on these few tips to keep your dishes tasting great:

  • Rotate your meals around the sources of lean protein that you like best. Think chicken breast, legumes and fish. Don’t forget that marinating is allowed and can be a big flavor booster! Prep your protein the night before by marinating it in a simple bath of oil, vinegar and spices. Different oils and vinegar types provide slightly different flavors and you can go to town with herbs and spices to make your marinades different every time.

  • Whole grains are important too and who doesn’t love their carbohydrates? In the right balance, this mix of carbs and protein is perfect for optimizing your metabolism. Looking for creative ways to incorporate new grains. Outside of the standard wheat pasta, whole wheat bread and brown rice, try barley, quinoa, rolled oats or wild rice. And here’s a great tip to add some flavor to your grains: boil in chicken broth rather than water!

  • Of course, fresh fruits and vegetables are a major part of a clean diet. There are so many to choose from that everyone can find options that they love! Try adding fresh fruit to oatmeal in the morning or yogurt in the afternoon. You can even sprinkle nuts on top. For veggies, lightly stir fry in coconut oil or eat them raw with cottage cheese.

Here at Wellworks for You, we’re all about helping people make healthy decisions. We hope that this article has been a helpful resource for you as you consider how to eat clean and make 2014 your healthiest year yet! If you enjoy what you read here and believe that the employees at your workplace would benefit from wellness information like this, contact us about the possibilities of hosting a corporate lunch and learn or a wide variety of other wellness programs.