Everyone loves a good challenge…that is, as long as it is properly organized, fairly assessed and backed with motivation and incentives. Here at Wellworks For You, we’ve mastered the art of designing and implementing wellness challenges at corporations like yours. If your employees seem to be bored, lacking motivation to make positive changes or simply looking for some accountability in their efforts to live a healthier lifestyle, then you may be interested in some of our wellness challenge ideas.

When we work with corporations on setting up challenges, we usually recommend an 8-12 week challenge that focuses on something measurable that lends itself to goal-setting and manageable achievement in the areas of fitness, diet/weight loss and stress management. We also recommend utilizing our custom Wellness Portal to track and manage participant’s metrics and goals.

wellness challenge ideas

3 Wellness Challenge Ideas that Your Staff Will Love

A Pedometer Challenge Using the WellTrek Tracking Program: With online access to stored routes, daily updates and reminders and easy USB pedometer compatibility, this program is one that any group will love. Give your employees the chance to compete individually or to take on the challenge in groups.

King of the Hill Walking Challenge: This program is designed to span 3 months and to help employees make walking a regular habits. Each month’s step goals must be completed to move on and incentives await as participants climb the “hill” to reach the ultimate goal and reward.

A Fun, Unique “Passport” Challenge: With this challenge, participants will be asked to engage in a combination of exercise and diet related tasks. As the goals are completed, employees can move from page to page in their passport book, filling in the steps and completing the full program.

Participation in these types of challenges will leave employees feeling great and will help them move towards achieving their health goals. For more information on implementing wellness challenge ideas like the ones listed above, contact us by calling 1.866.540.5691. Or, to learn how incentives can improve the effectiveness of your wellness program, download the free resource below!