3 Health TipsThree health tips to jumpstart your healthy routine!

We can struggle through this time of year as we deal with stress, extra weight and the guilt of it all or we can devise a realistic plan and face this time of year head on. Preparing yourself with a few simple health tips can help you to create a healthier routine for yourself.

1. Make a Budget

Mental and emotional health are at just as much risk as physical health during any season. The stress of the overspending at the grocery store is something that can often leave you stressed and anxious about money. A simple but often overlooked solution to this problem is to make a budget and stick to it! For this to be a realistic goal, many people will find that some accountability in this area will be helpful. Discussing a budget with your spouse, friend or parent can help you make the best decisions about how to spend money and keep you accountable to it. Mix making a budget with other health tips such as getting someone to hold you accountable for exercising, can enhance your health routine.

2. Have a Game Plan for Food

Have a Game Plan for Food

Sporting events, family get togethers, holiday parties, all offer the excuse to overindulge when it comes to food. What many people fail to recognize is their ability to control their indulgence. Rather than having to deal with the consequences of a total lack of self control when it comes to food, devise a realistic game plan for your eating habits. Accountability here may also prove helpful. Healthy eating does not mean that you cannot enjoy the food you love. Depending on your physical goals, your game plan may include things like: eating smaller portions, limiting the number of dessert helpings, cutting back on alcoholic drinks and more.

3. Let go of Family Feuds and other grudges

Emotional strain can take a toll of your health mentally and physically. Often this is caused by not letting go/resolving past disagreements.  For many, this seems to be an inevitable and unchanging occurrence, but there are realistic solutions to this emotional stress.

Change can start with you and may help your entire family or your friends. Heated discussions not only negatively affect people mentally and emotionally, but also can cause physical discomfort. Forgiving past offenses is one of the most effective ways to undermine this stress. While true forgiveness may be difficult to offer, you will find that it not only frees up your offender, but yourself as well.

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