Why Implement the Most Effective Corporate Wellness Program

Designing and implementing the most effective corporate wellness program for your company is a big step towards creating a more profitable business and building a more productive workforce. A program that promotes analytical discovery and decision making concerning health issues and lifestyle can be a huge benefit to participants and the company that offers it.

After determining the design of the most effective corporate wellness program and running that program for any length of time, many companies report a return on investment somewhere between $1.00 and close to $5.00. This reason alone makes running a wellness program an obviously good business decision, but it is not the only benefit companies have to look forward to. According to the Centers for Disease

 Corporate Wellness ProgramControl and Prevention further benefits include:

  • Greater employee productivity

  • Decreased rates of absenteeism, injury and illness

  • Lower costs associated with disability and health care

  • Better corporate image

  • Greater employee recruitment and retention

  • Greater employee moral

The Top 5 Characteristics of the Most Effective Corporate Wellness Programs

1.) Everyone’s Involved

In the most effective corporate wellness programs, all levels of management and staff members are active participants. When there is no distinction between different levels of employees and their involvement in the program, people are more motivated and encouraged by one another and do not feel as though they are any less or any more for wanting to participate. When higher level business men and women actively engage in the same programs that their staff are engaging in, they lead by example.

2.) Education

For a wellness program to really work it has to come from a foundation of a commitment to education. No one will be interested in spending their time and effort on extra activities if they are not first aware of how great of an opportunity those activities are or of the major benefits they could reap from their involvement.

3.) Employee Input

When participants have the right and opportunity to give opinions and suggestions about the company wellness program they will be more inclined to be involved. The most effective corporate wellness program for your company will be one that is designed based on specific employee needs and wants.

4.) Everyday Opportunities

To be really effective, wellness program activities need to be incorporated into everyday office activities. For example: giving employees adequate lunch breaks to attend a lunch and learn seminar or providing a fitness class onsite are great ways to keep people interested and enthusiastic about making the right choices.

5.) Ever Changing Agenda

Variety in offered services is a huge benefit to corporate wellness programs. In order to keep things interesting and fresh, as well as appeal to the greatest number of potential participants possible, offering a diverse range of activities is essential.

How Wellworks For You can Help

Wellworks For You assists companies all over the world, of all shapes and sizes, in creating the most effective corporate wellness programs possible. Our diverse and lengthy list of programs makes it easy for every one of our clients to receive custom programs that are able to provide participants with everything they need to reach their wellness goals. We work with our clients in designing, implementing and managing their wellness programs and look forward to assisting you as well. For more information please contact us today!