What is the Know Your Number Assessment?

The Know Your Number Assessment is an evidence-based risk assessment offered by Wellworks For You. This assessment helps our clients determine areas of potential health risks in their lives, and offers them the opportunity to make beneficial lifestyle changes to decrease this risk level. The assessment evaluates each user’s risk for nine modifiable chronic diseases. These diseases are the most costly and can potentially be altogether avoided with healthy living and smart choices. Decreasing your risk of costly chronic diseases starts with knowing what those risks are.

Why Knowing Your Number is a Smart Choice

know your number assessment

Using the Know Your Number Assessment to determine your risk of these nine modifiable chronic diseases is easy and extremely beneficial. Wellworks For You encourages all of our clients to readily offer this outstanding tool to all of their employees as part of a wholesome wellness program. The assessment is based on a patented analytics methodology called Synthesis Analysis and is one of the most comprehensive health assessments our clients could take part in. Combining standard biometric values, questionnaire data, clinical measurements and clinical research, the Know Your Number Assessment is able to provide accurate and informative results. Many of our clients have benefitted from this trustworthy tool and you can too.

Once you have your results from this easy to complete process, you will be better equipped to make the best choices for your personal health needs. Having physical evidence of your risk factors is also a powerful reminder to keep you motivated to working toward your health goals. Combining this assessment with some of Wellworks For You’s other services like health coaching or health portal tracking will allow you to make the most educated, positive changes in your life. Decreasing the risk of these diseases will look different for every individual and may mean changing your diet, increasing exercise, modifying exercise routines, managing stress more effectively or a host of other actions.

Knowing what actions to take is the first step to helping you understand what the best health decisions for you are. This comes from a better understanding of what areas pose the most risk for you. The Know Your Number Assessment is designed to help you make positive change happen.

For more information on this service or any of our other offered programming, please contact Wellworks For You today. We look forward to helping you live a healthier, fuller and more wholesome life!