For decades now, the general public has been hearing about the dangers of obesity and how this widespread health issue is a serious concern for adults and children alike. Health conscious Americans seem to be on a campaign to end obesity, but is anyone taking notice of how this topic impacts corporations? Thankfully, the CDC is!

Why Is Obesity Now a Corporate Health Concern?

The Center for Disease Control recognizes that corporate health begins with helping employees make simple, controllable lifestyle changes that will benefit their health and their futures. That’s why many companies implement smoking cessation programs or health education seminars. But many of the most popular wellness programs involve either some form of dieting or nutrition counseling or are exercise-based. These types of programs usually result in weight loss for employees and while this is a beneficial and welcomed outcome on an individual level, every pound shed is a meaningful victory for your company as well. And here’s why…So many health issues can be traced back to – or at least directly related to – the underlying problem of obesity.

Using Your Wellness Program to Address the Problem of Obesity

When your company is analyzing what corporate health concerns are the most efficient to tackle through a wellness program, you’ll want to know two things:

1. Which issues are the ones costing you the most

2. Which issues are the easiest to addresscorporate health

Here at Wellworks for You, we believe that a comprehensive wellness program is a valuable asset for any company. The more tools, classes, incentives and challenges you offer, the more opportunity you can provide your employees to find the right place where they can plug in and benefit. However, if you are deciding between programs or are just beginning a workplace wellness initiative and want to start small, you may want to consider which programs will help address the issue of obesity…because this corporate health concern is probably costing your company more than you’d like to admit.

Targeting Obesity = Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck

Because the problem of obesity costs corporations significantly every year in healthcare expenses and absenteeism, this health concern is a prime target for your wellness program. Design your initiatives to encourage proper eating habits and incentivize employees to be more active and you’ll begin to see the results…less weight = less costs for your company!

Of course, losing weight will prove beneficial for your employees as well. And having a supportive, encouraging atmosphere in which to do so is what a corporate wellness program can provide. To find out more about establishing a wellness program at your workplace, call Wellworks For You for a free consultation today!

Don’t waste another minute losing money due to a solvable problem: the issue of obesity. If you don’t believe us, just take a minute and visit the CDC’s website, where they offer an Obesity Cost Calculator tool that helps you estimate what obesity is costing your corporation.