What is a Corporate Health Coach Program?

A corporate health coach program is a program in which individual employees are paired with professional health coaches in order to provide training, encouragement, education, goal setting, and valuable accountability for the employee. Health coaches work to assess the employees current and future health risks, their readiness for change and they address any potential threats and unhealthy lifestyle choices. Once a relationship is built, the pair works together to replace bad habits with good ones, make informed health decisions and set and achieve overall and specific wellness goals.

What are the Benefits of a Health Coach Program?corporate health coach program

Health coaches provide confidence, accountability, and encouragement for employees on an individual basis. While other areas of your corporate wellness program may provide great opportunities for employees to make changes, this program is unique in its personalized approach. Many employees will greatly benefit from developing a meaningful relationship with someone who they can trust and rely on for great advice and help along the way.

Providing programs like a corporate health coach program for employees can:

  • Quickly increase overall participation in wellness initiatives in your workplace

  • Create a sense of gratitude toward the company

  • Benefit the personal lives of your workers

  • Ultimately, all of these things lead to a positive ROI and saved money on healthcare costs

How to Implement an Outstanding Health Coach Program

Attn. CEOs: If you are interested in implementing a corporate health coach program that is continually seeing great success, it is time to contact Wellworks For You. We assist companies of all shapes and sizes all over the world to prepare and maintain outstanding wellness programs. We believe that personalization is a key ingredient to successful wellness programs and that there is no better way to provide this for employees than incorporating health coaching into their daily lives.

Attn. Coaches: If you would like to become part of our friendly, professional and dedicated team of health coaches, contact us. Examples of areas in which our health coaches can be of assistance include:

  • eating habits/overall nutrition

  • weight management

  • exercise

  • stress management

  • advice on how to properly deal with blood pressure, high cholesterol and other physical concerns