With the beginning of a new year quickly approaching, many people are thinking about their resolutions. A major percentage of New Year’s resolutions involve health–people want to lose weight, get more fit, and eat a more balanced diet. Everyone knows that January 1st is one of the busiest days in gyms across the country. But by the middle of January, only the dedicated are left. Not many people stick to their New Year’s resolutions, especially when it involves a major life change. But if you set up a good new year workout plan, you can remain committed throughout the entire year and really see results.

Your New Year Workout Plan

If you’re determined to live a healthier lifestyle, it is never too late to start. Most new year workout intentions fail to stick because they’re not sustainable. If you can’t be in the gym or out running for hours every day, don’t expect that you will be able to train for a marathon. Instead, set up smaller goals that you can easily achieve every month. Slowly adjust your diet, lifestyle, and workout habits to achieve the goals you’ve set. This type of change won’t happen overnight, so be patient. Set realistic expectations for yourself and for your new year workout strategy so that you will make progress and be inspired to keep going.

Make It Fun

If you want your new year workout plan to make a real difference in your life, you need to make it fun. If you think that working out in the gym is boring, then find a fun activity to do outdoors that keeps you moving. Sign up for a sports team if you like being active with other people. If you do like exercising indoors, don’t stay on the machine you hate the most. Instead try to incorporate variety by using:new years hat sport

  • the pool

  • the weight room

  • an indoor track

  • exercise machines

  • fitness classes

Find out what you actually enjoy doing. Make an appointment with a personal trainer to find out what kind of exercises will get you to your ideal fitness level and weight. Your workouts don’t have to be grueling or boring – they can be fun!

Make It Worth It

For some people, exercise alone isn’t enough to achieve their fitness goals. If your new year workout plan seems to be stalling, then take a critical look at your diet. You may be sabotaging your progress at the gym because of an unhealthy or unbalanced diet. You are putting a lot of effort into your exercise, so make it worth it! Make slow changes in your diet. Cut out sugar and junk food and add in healthier snacks. See how many calories you’re burning during your time of exercise and then see how many calories you are eating every day. You can change these numbers to start losing weight.

Keep It Safe

Just because you have created a new year workout strategy doesn’t mean you’re ready to dive right into the physical activity. Make sure all the exercises you are doing are safe. Don’t work out too hard in the beginning or you could injure yourself. Slowly build up your endurance and physical strength. If you have any questions about specific exercises or your health, see a fitness trainer or a doctor. Always use equipment carefully and pay attention to your body. It’s normal to have sore muscles or some physical discomfort in the beginning if you’re out of shape. But don’t overexert yourself or continue exercising if you are injured. And always remember to stretch before and after exercising.

New Year Workout Ideas

There are so many ways you could begin your new year workout plan. Some of our favorite, unique physical activities are:

  •          Yoga and Pilates
  •          Horseback Riding
  •          Swimming and Rowing
  •          Ice Skating
  •          Walking and Jogging
  •          Martial Arts
  •          Kickboxing
  •          Ultimate Frisbee
  •          Salsa Dancing

If any of those activities sound interesting to you, work them into your exercise plan. They burn the same amount or more calories than other, more traditional workouts. If you keep it fun, worth it, and safe, this will be the New Year’s resolution you can finally stick to. If you stay consistent, you will soon meet and exceed your fitness goals for this year!

BRING ON 2014!